I've always loved ruffles  - almost as much as I love bows.
Well, maybe not that much.
Image via In Style magazine March 2013
While looking through an old magazine I was inspired and
 I thought I'd look for a ruffled garment in my closet. 
White shorts Larry Levine - Silver flats Zara - Bag Carolina Herrera 
Found this powder blue one shoulder 
top by Carven. 
White sunglasses Kate Spade - Silver tone chain belt 
It's been in the closet for at least 13 years.
Last seen here, it has not been worn in the last 5.
Its super soft lightweight cotton, a nice colour ..
However, the moment I tried it on I knew what kept 
me from wearing it: I had to wear a strapless 
which it's not so comfortable, which takes me to the 
next question: keep or toss.


Closet Fashionista said...

I'm not a huge ruffle fan for myself, too girly. But I do love that top! The perfect amount :)
I say keep!

Sheila said...

Ooh, I really like that top, but yes, I hear you on the strapless issue. I finally caved in and went to a really expensive lingerie store and bought a really high-quality strapless so that I could wear my "strap-showing" tops. Might be worth it for you in the long run - it's not like you'll have to buy another one in your life, right!?

I'd say keep, but only if you get a really good strapless (make it one with straps that you can adjust/detach, so that you can wear at least 1 shoulder with this).

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Nice look

L.E.N K said...

How cute!


sonia // daring coco said...

Ruffles are gorgeous on you!


Mica said...

It is a pretty top!

For me, I began to realise that all my pretty pieces that required me to wear a special or strapless bra with it just became pains to wear. So I let them all go, strapless bras just don't work for me. Now there are quite a few pieces I regret getting rid of, but I was never 100% comfortable in them with the bra situation so even if I had kept them, like your top, they wouldn't have been worn often.

Away From The Blue Blog

Adriana B said...

Me encanta tu estilo, el look es ideal!!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Very pretty! I enjoy ruffles a lot too, but own considerably fewer of them than I do bows. For me, it's a keeper. I see this working under a blazer, with a maxi skirt, topped with cute cardigans, possibly going with palazzo pants, and playing nicely with capris, too. It's summery, sweet, feminine and fun.

♥ Jessica

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely top & shoes!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Oh I think you should keep it. I don't think asymmetric one-shoulder tops will ever be dated. I own an identical one to this but mine is white and it is from Express. You definitely dressed up those white bermuda shorts. Such a polished casual look, Lorena!