My April purchases

Without intention, this month was all about 
shoe and bag shopping. 
Shoes and bags  I did not need, 
or at least did not think I did. 
But then, only time will tell.

Nine West gold glitter heels on sale for 16.04 USD.
I am now having second thoughts on these.

Gold matte flats Fabrizio Gianni on sale for 16.04 USD

Silver glitter heels CityClassified for 18.18 USD

Black U.B.H padded flats 13.00 USD

And then there was the sample sale...
I didn't know I wanted it until I saw it
15.00 USD leather stud bracelet Coach. 

Brown leather "Madison" East West bag Coach 
60.00 USD

Navy 26369 Legacy Pinnacle Blue travel bag, 
Coach 80.00 USD

A bright 25361 Coach Legacy Double 
Gusset flap bag, 80.00 USD

A black and gold print clutch from 
the El Salvador Dollar Store 1.50 USD

A handmade Guatemalan headband purchased 
at the airport for 2.00 USD

Total 301.76 USD

April closet editions

April edits.

I focused on my hair accessories drawer,
and I am not even close to done yet.
Two headbands.

Silver tone heart hair clips.
Worn once in over five years…
also I am not five years old anymore.

Tiny butterfly hair clips.
These are from another lifetime.

Two Pjs.

Burgundy Caramel blouse.
I was totally over it; hung in my closet
for over ten years - it got its wear.

Purple bubble top Speechless.
Pilling, fuzzy and now gone.

Beige puffy top, no brand.
It was scorching hell to wear this top,
it had a mesh lining and it was ultra hot.
When it began to piling, I just let go. 

White button down shirt by Decoded.
This shirt got its wear, at least 10 times 
on the blog - but I found a hole in it.

My military like Forever 21 jean jacket.
It was so difficult to wear, I gave up.

Wooden beads earrings.
I felt they're just not me.
Not anymore.

Worn at least 17 times on the blog.
These black Red Lips brand strappy vintage like 
sandals have been around for a while.
Last time I wore them they were a torture, 
plus they're in pretty bad shape. 

13 pieces for April.

From the airport to school

From the airport directly to school.

Black trousers Zara - Red blouse MNG Mango - Black suede shoes Moleca
That's all I can say about today.

Gold tone necklace Guess 
Got off the plane at 5:20 pm and was sitting 
in the classroom by 6:30 pm.

Exhausted ?
Just a little...

All in a day's work

Well sometimes, I don't even know
where work will take me…
Jeans Zara - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
This time around it took me places.. 
while riding a bike !

Duty calls in Guatemala

Working in Guatemala is always a delight.

Polka dot trousers Worthington  - White button down shirt Forever 21
Staying at the same hotel in Zone 10 makes it feel like home.

Black suede shoes Moleca - White sunglasses Kate Spade
I only wish this time around I had been able to 
stay a few more days to check out some of their 
Mayan pyramids.

Gold tone necklace Guess
Maybe next time, duty calls first.

Guatemala, here I am.

Arrived in Guatemala City on Monday morning.

Jeans Zara - Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger  - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Blue patent bag Coach
I chose to travel in the almost same identical outfit as last
week to El Salvador: jeans, sweater and a silk scarf.

I didn't want to invest time in planning a new outfit.

I lost enough time last week, specially after missing my flight home.
It sucks to have to sleep in an airport.

La Gran Vía

The best pictures you'll ever take are outdoors.

Grey pant suit Natural Exchange - Black patent shoes Zara - Burgundy peplum top H&M - White sunglasses Kate Spade
So, for a change I thought I'd give it a try while in San Salvador.

I got up really early, got dressed and went for a short walk
right around the hotel I stayed at.

The hotel is right next to a mall, one of the most recognised 
in San Salvador: La Gran Vía.

It seemed like I had the entire street to myself… 

Gotta love an empty mall. 

Secret Garden in El Salvador

One of the things I always appreciate when
I travel is diversity.

Black and grey dress Democracy - Black patent shoes Zara -Blue patent bag Coach -
White sunglasses Kate Spade
Diversity in nature is one of them.

Like the flowers in this secret garden in El Salvador,
they were quite an unexpected treat.

Some press

It's been a while since I did any press.

Brocade skirt Merona - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Beige pumps Sam Edelman
I felt a little rusty, but it went normal.

We'll see the results … 

El Salvador 

In San Salvador

A short trip midweek to El Salvador.

Jeans Zara - Sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Black flats Sam Edelman
A lot to accomplish in a few days.

Blue bag Coach - White sunglasses Kate Spade - Scarf Fendi
Trainings, meetings, press,
store checks and then some...

Let's see how that goes.

Coin Necklace

During my failed attempt at organising my
accessories, I came across this coin necklace.

Grey skirt Casual - Yellow blouse LuckyCom - Grey and yellow pumps Kelsey Dagger 
Its been worn once or twice - maybe.

Silver envelope clutch bag Zara - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Today, I thought I would give a try to wearing it .

While I am grateful for so much, I cannot but
have mixed feeling on the many unworn items
that just take up space- 

I have been down this road before and
have yet to find a way out.

In the meantime I will just keep on trying.