My June Shopping

When I hit the mall this time around the only 
thing on my radar was a jeans overall.
I had a list of stores I figured I could find one at.

One of them was Zara, where all overalls were sold out but,
I found a cute pair of black patent square heel shoes that I
took home for 19.99 USD.

Another store on the list was Stradivarius.
I did not find the overalls but I did find a button down shirt I 
wanted for a long time, this for 29.95 USD.

Then I came across a black striped Talbots tshirt for 7.99 USD that 
I could not pass up.

Another Talbots item was a white tshirt with gold sailor like buttons for 9.99 USD.

Ended up going home with a light white blazer with black detail on 
the sleeves from Suzy Shier for 5.99 USD

Also from Suzy Shier a light grey jacket with elbow patches for 7.99 USD

Until I finally found my overall jeans at Mango MNG Collection.
I paid a lot more than I had originally planned, at 89.99 USD.

Then I had the opportunity to have custom leather made shoes
for 9.00 USD and so I did.

Textile flower and stripes shoes with leather inside from Nine West of 24.99

Damn you Kate Spade Trophy patent black flats on sale, 116.00 USD.

New York & Company snake print dress for 5.99 USD.

DKNY striped summer dress with pockets for 9.99 USD

Bicycle print dress from French Connection for 9.99 USD

This totals three six four.

No wonder I've been feeling kind of broke.

June's closet edits

For this month of June, these are my closet edits:

Light linen Ashley USA top, worn twice in 5 years.
It was in bad shape and faded.

Green Da Moda tank top, faded and piled. Worn maybe four times in 5 years.

Cherry print Caramel brand top.
This top was worn very few times and for me it was always so 
difficult to pair it with anything that I just had to let go.

Also gave away a silver and salmon striped tank top by Volar.
I wore it maybe 3 times in 5 years, I just do not feel 
comfortable wearing it.

Amichi Collection skirt: I was never fully comfortable wearing this skirt.
Although I have to admit I loved the colour.

These silver hoop earrings were a birthday present.
They're very unlike me, however before I let them go 
I wore them to visit the person who gifted them to me.
Not only did she not even notice them, but I just feel weird wearing them.

My Forever 21 yellow patent belt.
This one got a lot of wear and because of it its just in really bad shape.

That's 7 items in one month.

Not quite enough.

Book drive

If I hear you are doing any type of collection or 
"drive" for the benefit of a good cause,
I am the first to pitch in.

ENC Rich Hippie Commune White blazer- White shorts Solutions - Striped grey tank top Energie  - 
Grey flats Zara - grey bag Milano

As far as I can recall, I have participated in drives that benefit
the elderly, newborns, disabled and such.

This time around I am helping a cousin out with 
a book drive to benefit a local library.

Since I don't have much time on my hands, I sent out
a few messages on Twitter and FB.
Then decided to place a big old suitcase in the lobby
of my apartment building with a sign asking neighbours
to drop off any unwanted books 
to be used to benefit this particular library.

A day passed and there were no books in the suitcase.
Suddenly there was an overload. 
Books in English, Spanish and French began to appear.
The suitcase was totally full and bags with more books were set aside. 
Then, there were piles of books on the floor.
Then… books began to disappear !
Apparently some neighbours thought that they could
benefit from the drive and began to steal the books.
This was a first for me.
At the end I collected about 500 books,
which I don't think is that bad considering
that many "went missing".

On 50th Street

For a change I did some walking.

Shorts Willi Smith - White jacket - Salmon striped tank top Volar -
Silver flats Zara - Grey patent bag Milano
This time, it was 50th street, which is two blocks from 
home and one block from work.

It's one of the main streets in my country and is quite historic as 
when we had a military dictatorship it was the place to meet.

All of the pacific protests were held here.
At lunch time, people would stand on the sidewalks, like the one
I am standing in today with white handkerchieves as a sign of peace.

I remember watching the news as a child and seeing the military police 
gas and beat protesters - many were then arrested and tortured.

Its kind of nice to see this street is now just for transit, now and then
we'll have the occasional protest but without the awful aftermath.
At least for now.

The blurry

I set the camera on the timer.

Gap jeans - White and grey stripe tank top - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender -
Black bag Roberto Cavalli - White jacket
 Monteau - Yellow belt Forever 21
I waited and it took 5 shots.

I picked up the camera and walked away.
I did not look at the pictures, you know - 
see how they came out..

Then when I uploaded I realised they were blurry !

Yes, I am aware that my photographs need improvement.
All I need is time.

Virginia Bazaar

A few years ago took a long drive 
with my mom to get to the 
Virginia Bazaar in Ladysmith, Va.

Elie Tahari cream blouse - Apt 9 brown blazer -
Gap jeans - Gold flats Nine West - Black bag Roberto Cavalli
I had wanted to go there for a while as it has a really 
good reputation offering an array of products.
I was particularly interested in their antiques and
vintage items. 

I was there for a coupe of hours and picked up two items.
Two big items, that I could not carry in my suitcase:
A turntable radio and a gossip table 
(where you'd sit and talk on the phone)
Not knowing how I would get them on the plane and 
bring them home, I still bought them.

They have finally arrived !
Took a few years but they are finally home.

Now, all I have to do, is find a place for them :)

Posting lately

When I started the blog almost 5 years ago,
I would post a day behind.

New York & Co. printed skirt - Elie Tahari cream blouse -
Brown leather belt Liz Claiborne 
This means, I would post it the day after I 
wore the outfit.

Cream top Insolite - Brown shoes Baci - Black bag Roberto Cavalli
After I got used to Blogger I posted the same day
I wore the outfit. Meaning that when the post went
live I was wearing the outfit.

These days, its a bit more complicated.
My posts are about a week late, but I 
am making an effort to go back to 
at least a day after - 

How about you ?

How do you do it ?


"Happiness in intelligent people,

Trousers Neon pink H&M - Scarf top Zara - Black shoes Zara -
Black bag Roberto Cavalli
is the rarest thing I know.." 
- Ernest Hemingway

This quote is so tied to the 
"Ignorance is bliss" one..

What do you think ?
What would you rather be ?

Unmatching reds

This vintage red and black striped shirt hung
in the closet almost next to the animal print cardigan.

Black trousers - Red and white striped shirt Ship ´n Shore -
Black and red cardigan Cable & Gauge -
Black patent shoes Zara - Black bag Roberto Cavalli 
One day I saw this and automatically thought that
they could work together.

When I set the cardigan right next to the striped shirt, I 
realised that the reds were not  the same tone.

At that moment I decided that this outfit was a no go.

Then one morning, I was running late... 
and that's how this outfit made it out the door.

Night walk

The area where I live is packed with restaurants,
wanna be hotels and some prostitute joints.

Scarf top Zara - Black skirt Kirna Zabete -
Black flats Jessica Simpson- Black bag Nine West
Because of those joints I never walk around at night or go to 
any of the restaurants here.
However, this time around I had to walk home from a close by 
ceremony so I did not have much of a choice.

And to think that growing up in this area was heaven..
times change.

At the National Theatre

I love a good play.

Black dress with pearl embellishment INC International Concepts  -
Black envelope bag Nine West - Black flats 
Even more if its at the National Theatre, mostly because I get to dress up ;)

Liz Claiborne

While growing up Liz Claiborne was a great quality,
expensive brand that was trendy and desired.

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Blue and white polka dot sweater Liz Claiborne -
Innovativi wedges - Blue bag Zara
It was also a brand for older women.

Brown sunglasses Michael Kors -  Silk bracelet Turkey
So you can imagine my mixed feelings.
Times change.
Here I am wearing two Liz Claiborne items from JCP, both reasonably priced.
LC is no longer that expensive brand.
Garments seem to be of good quality, which I guess is something they have not compromised.
Then there comes the part where I wonder if the brand
is still for older women and now I am just getting older and now
it suits me ;) 

You told me

About two or three years ago a friend of
mine met a guy that I had worked with.

Striped dress GAP - Blue suede flats Zara - Blue bag Zara 
She started dating him and asked me what I thought of him.
Without hesitation I told her that he was a wannabe, a liar, a bad person.
I also told her that if she had time to spare and waste, he was the right guy.
Of course she did not listen.

Long story short, they married after dating briefly.
She just told me that he texted her, yes texted her that he
wanted a divorce - I was totally speechless and she is totally destroyed.
All she could mutter was "You told me".