You told me

About two or three years ago a friend of
mine met a guy that I had worked with.

Striped dress GAP - Blue suede flats Zara - Blue bag Zara 
She started dating him and asked me what I thought of him.
Without hesitation I told her that he was a wannabe, a liar, a bad person.
I also told her that if she had time to spare and waste, he was the right guy.
Of course she did not listen.

Long story short, they married after dating briefly.
She just told me that he texted her, yes texted her that he
wanted a divorce - I was totally speechless and she is totally destroyed.
All she could mutter was "You told me".


Katherine said...

Hi Lorena! Love this dress. You really wear it well :)
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Sadly, it was expected :( Hugs for your friend.

Allie said...

Ulgh - it's always the worst when you just have a FEELING - but no one will listen. Sorry to your friend :(

Closet Fashionista said...

Ugh ! How horrible for your friend, that really sucks. Why are men so stupid?!
(on the plus side, love that dress)

Mica T said...

Oh no, what a horrible man! your poor friend, I can't believe he would do that to her! :(

It's good she has friends like you to support her though, she will really be hurting.

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

Wow, that is horrible. Normally it's nice feeling when someone admits you were right, I can't imagine this was nice at all.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That sounds like the kick-in-gut teaser line they'd use in a romcom movie in which the star eventually finds true love in the end. Of course, this is real life and that is so incredibly cold and callous it sends shivers up the spine just reading it. I'm sorry that your friend is going through this and that she didn't heed your warning about this guy. How very different her life might be right now, had she in fact done so.

♥ Jessica