Night walk

The area where I live is packed with restaurants,
wanna be hotels and some prostitute joints.

Scarf top Zara - Black skirt Kirna Zabete -
Black flats Jessica Simpson- Black bag Nine West
Because of those joints I never walk around at night or go to 
any of the restaurants here.
However, this time around I had to walk home from a close by 
ceremony so I did not have much of a choice.

And to think that growing up in this area was heaven..
times change.


Mimi said...

Well, at leadt you werent alone. THAT dresss is killer, i love it!
Aesthetic Lounge

Irena D said...

Love your look
Fantastic skirt

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh dear, that sounds unnerving for sure. I'm really glad you made it home safe and sound, dear Lorena. There is something, I know, deeply disheartening and sad about seeing a place you knew and loved as youngster deteriorate as the years have worn on. Perhaps one day your town will be able to turn itself around more again. Fingers crossed!

♥ Jessica