Pink Umbrella

It's been a while since I purchased an umbrella.

Liz Claiborne petites high waisted jeans -
Black bow sweater MNG Mango - Jessica Simpson snake print wedges
I usually have several of them but lately
 I have misplaced them or they've just fallen apart.

So I picked up this pink one.
Coincidentally it's almost October:
Breast cancer awareness month.

September editions

I got rid of very few things this month.
One of them was a Antilia Femme white button
down shirt which was burnt during ironing.
(not by me)

Also got rid of 2 pairs of shoes.

A leopard print Anne Klein pair of flats which looked pretty bad
and a pair of Liz Claiborne bronze mules I just never wear.

Just 3 items.

September purchases

I have been looking for a pair of leopard print shoes
for quite a while as I needed to replace the ones I had.
I had been looking on line, going to the mall
and could not find the right pair - that is until I found these 
spectacular Me Too flats via Travelsmith for 46.95 USD.

Also this month I purchased three textile appliques with a pin in the back,
which I guess makes them brooches - for 1.00 USD each.

A bright dress from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection
for 14.99 USD. I need to get it tailored.

From Apt 9 a brown jacket, it fits really well with the exception of 
the sleeves which are long and I will get tailored.
I paid 7.99 USD

Purchased 3 skirts for 7.99 USD each.

One is a black and white mirror flower print skirt from Apt. 9.
I wanted a mirror skirt, since like forever...

Also from Apt. 9 a black skirt, which is a staple and this one has the perfect 
length and fit for work.

Finally a black pleather / faux leather skirt from the Kirna Zabete at Target collection.
It fits so good.

Total for the month of September is 100.40 USD

The Fountain

As I walked for breakfast this morning I
came across the fountain.

Gap jeans - Poema top - Zara blue flats - Forever 21 sunglasses

The fountain is special for me as when I was little
I would be brought here at night.

The fountains were new back then and
they would light up in pinks and blues.

I would run around them and play.

Now, the fountains are not as graceful as they use to be, but at least they are still there.

The Gap

No, I am not talking about the Gap jeans I
 have been wearing lately.

Gap jeans - Light blue button down shirt Merona - Liz Claiborne bronze mules
But about the hideous gap on my shirt.
The gap that tells me I am wearing the incorrect 
undergarment or that the shirt no longer fits.

The worst part of it, is realising it's there after I have 
left home...


I have an "eye" for flaws.
It's a blessing and a burden.

Black trousers H&M - Black jacket Nine West - Striped tank New York & Co. -
 Me Too leopard print flats - print belt Vince Camuto
For work it's amazing as I can look at something and tell you 
what needs to be improved almost immediately.
It comes natural, without even trying.
For school work, as I sit there and look at classmates' 
presentations, I find misspellings, how words are mispronounced,
how the numbers in the pie chart don't add up...

Same thing happens with outfits, I am the first to tell you what is
wrong with my outfit.

The flaws jump up at me while the positive things seem to take a back seat.
I recognise it: 
it's my own flaw to look at what is wrong first and I have to 
make a real extra effort to find the good things.

Too many

Sometimes I'll look at blogs and
think "wow that's a lot of pictures..."
I make an effort to post just the necessary amount,
because if I get tired of seeing the same thing over 
and over, I think everyone else will too.

Anne Klein blue trousers - Poema colorful top - BCBG blue wedges
So it's one picture today.

The Michael Kors Skirt

So I picked up this printed skirt over 4 years ago, it's by Michael Kors.

Printed skirt Michael Kors - Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Black sandals Red Lips 
The fabric is really thick and tends to be a bit bulky.
But, I really like the print and decided to keep it.

However after the first wears I noticed that it shrunk, 
I am guessing that it was because I washed it and 
then  threw it in the dryer.

I felt it was a too short for me to wear, specially for work - 
 I took it to the seamstress so she could work her magic and
take the seam down and lengthen it at least an inch.

Above is how I have worn it before.
I think it worked.

Bad timing

Last week I was thinking about a friend
that I had not spoken to in about a year.

Anne Klein black and white dress - Moleca black suede shoes - H&M black cardigan

I decided to make a note to myself so I would call him.
The next day I did, as I drove to school.
When I called the first thing I asked was how he was doing,
he said he was not well as he was right then in the 
hospital with his father who was having a heart attack.

He was alone. I was speechless.
The last thing I would have thought of was that I would 
call in the middle of such a difficult moment.
 After I hung up I felt awful for letting so much time
pass between calls, for not being there.

Today I attended his father's funeral and
there is a sense of guilt that I could not part with.

5 Churches

Last Saturday I wanted to take the 5 churches tour,
but I got up too late.

Black dress Xhiliration - H&M flats
So this Saturday, I got up really early, picked up a friend and
headed out to the old part of the city to take the tour.

We made it on time - well the "old area" is only 10 minutes away.

St. Francis of Asis
The main idea of the tour is to see in what shape the churches are.
Which is really bad, as you can see there is mold on the walls
and water on the floor of St Francis of Asis.

View from St. Francis of Asis
Most of them are basically falling apart, with no government support.

In some of them, work is already in progress.

Inside San Felipe de Neri church

The private sector is raising funds to restore the churches but, there is so much
work to do.

National Cathedral
The tours are free of charge and aim to create awareness.

St Joseph's Golden Altar
It was mostly walking and it took over 3 hours.

Our Lady of Mercy

Luckily, we had the most amazing day.

The sun was out...

and we had the bluest of skies.

Tshirt + Necklace

This post was totally inspired by this one from Respect the Shoes.

Gap jeans - Pink t shirt Barcelona - Green sweater Zara -
Blue flats Zara - Pearl necklace Forever 21
In my little head a necklace and t shirt are usually
not worn together - however when I saw how perfectly well 
it did go together in Lisa's outfit, I had to try it. 

My look is very messy compared to Lisa's polished outfit,
but I think you'll get the idea, it's all about the tshirt and necklace.

Neon Pink

These pictures don't show how really bright these trousers are.

H&M neon pink trousers - H&M floral print top - Chinese Laundry pumps - Yellow belt Forever 21
I think their brightness is one of the reasons I fell for them -
oh, and they're so comfortable.

I figured the neon trend is probably exiting the door, if not already 
passé  - so I might as well wear them. 

I had forgotten they were in my closet.

Mango Spring 2013

Today's look was inspired by the Mango MNG 
Spring  2013 catalogue.

Unionbay jeans - Black button down shirt - Black blazer Nine West -
Sam Edelman black flats - Vince Camuto animal print belt 
I saw that wearing the same color blazer and button down 
shirt looked quite pulled together with jeans.

So I went for it.

The best part of getting inspired by catalogues, magazines or blogs
is that I don't have to put too much effort into getting dressed
and have more time to sleep!

Admitting it

This is not my best look.
I am the first one to admit it.
A Line Anne Klein blue trousers -
Striped top with ruffle collar Orange - Melissa shoes 
Maybe the trousers are too high waisted.
Hem too short for those heels.
The top seemed tight and unflattering.

Blue leather rose ring from Argentina 
The entire outfit felt wrong.
I am going to give these two items one more try, 
if they don't work they are going in the bag.