5 Churches

Last Saturday I wanted to take the 5 churches tour,
but I got up too late.

Black dress Xhiliration - H&M flats
So this Saturday, I got up really early, picked up a friend and
headed out to the old part of the city to take the tour.

We made it on time - well the "old area" is only 10 minutes away.

St. Francis of Asis
The main idea of the tour is to see in what shape the churches are.
Which is really bad, as you can see there is mold on the walls
and water on the floor of St Francis of Asis.

View from St. Francis of Asis
Most of them are basically falling apart, with no government support.

In some of them, work is already in progress.

Inside San Felipe de Neri church

The private sector is raising funds to restore the churches but, there is so much
work to do.

National Cathedral
The tours are free of charge and aim to create awareness.

St Joseph's Golden Altar
It was mostly walking and it took over 3 hours.

Our Lady of Mercy

Luckily, we had the most amazing day.

The sun was out...

and we had the bluest of skies.


ana said...

Yo conocí la ciudad antigûa en un tour también y me pareció muy bella... que bueno que hagan este tipo de recorridos para que la gente aprecie lo que tiene, lo cuide más y el gobierno de más presupuesto acá pasa lo mismo con las casas antigûas muchas están destruidas

LyddieGal said...

it is sad to see them in such a state of disrepair. hope they all get restored someday.

Closet Fashionista said...

That sounds like a great day! Hopefully they're able to restore all the churches! :)

Kim Alston said...

I hope more people donate. I hate to see how churches are going down.

Mica T said...

I'm glad that you made the tour!

Such a shame about the churches though, they are beautiful buildings

Jane Droll said...

they are beautiful even though they are in disrepair. i love looking at such things!!!

i wish i could go to cuba someday. so many old, crumbling and beautiful buildings and old cars. i would love to live in one, as long as it was safe. lol sometimes it is a lot more interesting to look at old, tired, weathered and beaten down things rather than beautiful, bright, shiny new things.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What an interesting tour Lorena! And you took such beautiful photos of all the the churches too, its too bad that they aren't taken care of as they should be.