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Houndstooth happiness

If you have been around for a while, 
you know I adore houndstooth print.

I did a little joy jump when I recently read that houndstooth is
one.of.the.prints.of the.season.
Houndstooth trousers H&M - White t-shirt - Silver flats Zara - Bag Kate Spade - Vintage necklace 
To celebrate this, of course I went to my 
recently altered H&M houndstooth trousers.

Pure joy in the closet.


The brown jeans

These brown jeans have been in the closet for a while.

Style & Co brown jeans - Leopard print shirt Antilia Femme - Black Flats Presumida
They get some wear, but  if they were just a bit shorter 
I might just wear them more because I would not be
limited to wearing them with just heels.

So, I took them to the seamstress and I think that it was 
the right thing to do !

Here's how I have worn them before:


The Michael Kors Skirt

So I picked up this printed skirt over 4 years ago, it's by Michael Kors.

Printed skirt Michael Kors - Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Black sandals Red Lips 
The fabric is really thick and tends to be a bit bulky.
But, I really like the print and decided to keep it.

However after the first wears I noticed that it shrunk, 
I am guessing that it was because I washed it and 
then  threw it in the dryer.

I felt it was a too short for me to wear, specially for work - 
 I took it to the seamstress so she could work her magic and
take the seam down and lengthen it at least an inch.

Above is how I have worn it before.
I think it worked.


Third try

Last year during a sale I came across several skirts
I fell in love with, which were all at least 2 sizes bigger than 
what I normally wear.
I bought them anyways.

Anne Klein skirt - Black top - Daniblack shoes - Black patent vintage bag

One of them was this Anne Klein skirt.
The fabric is thick, the skirt is well constructed and it has pockets...

The first time around (left) I wore it and it looked big and frumpy.
The second time around I held it up with a belt, but I was tucking and 
pulling on it all day long.

One trip to the tailor and my skirt now fits well.
Sometimes you have to try several times before you get things
right, in this case, sometimes you just have to take things to the tailor
immediately ....


The stretchy skirt

I purchased this skirt from Jones New York on sale.
It was a couple of sizes bigger than what I normally wear. 
Liked it so much that I decided to buy it anyways and 
had it tailored, not once but TWICE.

Jones New York printed skirt - H&M burgundy peplum top - BCBG blue wedges -
Kenneth Cole Reaction bag - Michael Kors sunglasses
This is my second time wearing it and it stretched out even more.

I think the seamstress is not going to be happy when she seems me 
yet again knocking on her door with the same skirt...


Another altered dress...

I love vintage.
Which means when I find something I like,
if it's not my size- which is most of the time - I have to make adjustments.
Most of the time I wear items in their original state the first time and on the "field" realize what needs to be done.
I wore this dress a few months back and then took it to the seamstress for some slight alterations.
Instead of what I had in mind (sew in a little at the sides) the seamstress recommended I open the neck area.
So I skipped the sides and had her open up the neck area.
So, it went from this:

To this:

The slight change it positive, but I still feel that the dress
needs to be adjusted in the sides because it feels a little lose.

So, I will be taking it to the seamstress again.
Sometimes garments go to the seamstress 4 times before I
finally get that fit I want.


My Vintage Dress

I wore this polyester dress back in January.

I bought it in Argentina's famous San Telmo street market.
It was about 2 sizes too big for me.
I have had the shoulders fitted and the skirt shortened.
However after wearing it in January I decided that
it needed a tiny adjustment.

Vintage dress from Argentina - Qupid grey wedges - Liz Claiborne tote bag - Tiffany silver accessories
So this time around I had it shortened about an extra inch,
had the shoulder pads removed and shoulders fitted even more.
Had the front sewn shut to avoid any flashing.

Sally Hansen nail strips

I think it now fits perfect.
Well almost :)


My Missoni Alterations...

I told you about this dress when I bought it a few month back.

It's a Missoni I got on an incredible never seen sale before-
paid less than 10.00 USD for it.

However it was too big for me.

Before                                   After

So, I had it altered to fit and I am wearing it today for the
second time:

I am considering get it taken in just a little bit but, am afraid it will not 
work with the pattern.
What do you think ?


My Biviels

What's a Biviel ?
Well, I did not know myself until very recently.
Biviel is a shoe brand that I heard about on another blog.
The blogger (whom I am not sure was) spoke wonders
on the shoe being very well constructed ad very comfortable.
I don't know about you, but I learn about brands on
other blogs and then research a little more about them
until I am ready to make my own purchase.
Chadwicks dress · Biviel shoes · Tous pendant · Red bag Nicole Lee

I know firsthand that if a product does not have advertisement is
does not mean it is not good, it just means it does not have the 
money for it. Period. So, I am usually open to try things.
 BIVIEL is the brand of my new red shoes which were
purchased on line as the brand does not exist where I live.

Today is my first time wearing them.
I cannot really tell you they are comfortable, 
I think I have to break into them.
Although I did not have to "break into" the Fluevogs shoes I got last year, 
(I learned of Fluevogs from Sheila)

As I said I need to give them time.
However I CAN tell you that the insole is very,
very soft...

Have you tried on a pair of Biviels ?
Are the any other brands that you have learned about 
on line ?


Another Altered Item...

This black dress is GO by Target.
I got it about one or maybe 2 years ago, 
price must have been below 10.00 USD.
I wore it twice (according to my blog records ;)
before I realized it needed to be altered.
As you see in above pictures, the sleeves seem big and I really
did not know what to do with them.
I took it to the seamstress who took them in a little on the
side and then shortened them just over an inch.

This is the "after" picture. Maybe it is not that obvious
to you but the feel is much better, it functions so I don't have to
pull, tug or roll the sleeves into place...

So, how is your Saturday coming along ?


Altered Series: Another ZARA Skirt

In over a year, I have worn this Zara (made in Spain) skirt only twice.
Today is the second time.
This skirt was also too long as you can see on the LEFT 
which is how I wore it in July 2010.
 A trip to the seamstress made this skirt about 3 inches shorter.
To the right is the NEW version of this skirt.
To be honest I can only tell the difference because at the bottom of 
the skirt you can see a wider seam on the left and a narrower 
seam on the right.
But, I kind of feel like it looks the same.

Skirt Zara · Top Tommy Hilfiger · Beige Flats Obsession · Black tote Neiman Marcus

I am not loving this look, but I will have to live with it all day :)
This is the last of the items I have had "altered" so for now this is 
the end of my "Altered Series".


Vintage Dress Altered !

I got this dress on ebay. 
Vintage & polyester, what else could I ask for ?
While it did not fit perfectly I loved the fabric, color and style.
I have been doing alterations since I bought it at the end of 2009.
Now, I think it finally fits.

On the left is the dress when I got it, sleeves were long and 
the elastic on them had no grip.
I had the sleeves shortened and new elastic sewn in, as you 
can see on the right.
However I still felt that it was too long. 
I was drowning in the dress.
So I had one more thing done: shorten it.
So, this is the dress this morning.
What do you think ?
Did I over do it ? 
Vintage dress no label · Nine West wedges · Neiman Marcus Tote Bag·
Butterfly belt (hand me down) · Cream earring and necklace set