September guilt

By now you probably know that my shopping ban was a failure
and here is proof.

Zara collar on sale from Zara in Guatemala 5.99 USD

Liz Claiborne jeans on sale for 18.00 USD at JC Penney

Liz Claiborne orange and animal print top on sale for 14.00 USD, 
also at JC Penney

From JC Penney, a Worthington print top for 16.00 USD

and the matching Worthington printed skirt for 20.00 USD - JC Penney

Worthington mint skirt with pockets for 25.00 USD - JC Penney

Worthington polka dot trousers 25.00 USD JC Penney

Accessories: Michael Kors sunglasses 24.99 USD - Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses 
H&M Hot pink neon rhinestone necklace - clear acrylic cuff and ring H&M

Ox blood trousers Valerie Bertinelli TJ Maxx for 19.99 USD

Black trousers H&M 14.99

Neon shirt H&M 24.99 USD

Pink shirt with gold studs H&M 24.95 USD

Beige trousers H&M 17.95 USD

Silk scarf from H&M 5.99 on sale

Michael Kors dress from TJ MAXX 20.00 USD on sale.

I plead guilty, 319.66 USD later. 


Monthly closet edits have come recurrent posts.
In September my closet edits, include:

Take Out fuchsia vest. Almost never worn. Does not fit well.

Black Sanrio Hello Kitty t shirt - so faded!

Black Polo Ralph Lauren t shirt - faded too.

Grey tshirt Stupid Factory by David & Goliath.
Bit snug, almost never worn - I still have "mood swings".

Black H&M trousers - too big and they had a hole in them !

H&M Black straw bag 
I bought this in H&M NYC about 5 years ago.
Wore it about 6 times. Stored it and now
I have come back to a bag that is just falling
apart. I hate to see it go.

My silver sandals from Payless Shoes.

Yellow clutch Suzy Lee.
I love this clutch, I have received so many compliments for it...
However it is another one of my bags that is falling apart, bit by bit.
I have worn it at least a dozen times in this blog.
I tell myself that I will give it one last wear, that no one will
tell that it's in bad shape... that is until this weeked I took it
to an event and set it on the table, right next to everyone else's bag...
Yes, I came home and immediately put it on the give away bag.

100 items have been given away YTD.

At the Pearl

Seems like weekends are getting shorter....
Salt works jeans - H&M pink shirt with gold studs - Innovativi wedges - Michael Kors black bag -
H&M neon pink rhinestone necklace
Maybe it's just the fact that I have more and more things to do .

More things to be done in the same period of time, which is why I am sooo late on accomplishing many.

Well, at least this weekend I finally visited my aunt who recently moved.
Been there, done that.

Vivi's Graduation

A few nights ago I wore my Tahari green dress for an art
exhibition at a local gallery.
Green dress Tahari - neon pink necklace H&M - Hot pink Zapatinho de Luxo shoes - Silk turquoise purse
Since the dress was worn for about an hour,
I decided to wear it again, with a slight variation.
Just added a belt and a different purse...

and lived happily ever after.



This is me Saturday morning on the phone,
taking my picture while I cancelled a lunch date with a friend.

Papaya pink jeans - H&M top - Black Michael Kors bag -
Innovativi wedges
Shortly after, I went to run a million errands...
that included glamourous things such as looking for a refrigerator.

At the gallery

I was invited to by a neighboring gallery to attend an exhibition.

Green Dress Tahari - Fuchsia shoes Zapatinho de Luxo -
Black patent bag vintage - Pink rhinestone necklace H&M 
I got home from work, changed into a dress and ran out the door.
Made it on time and had a nice time. 
However now that I look at the pictures, I think I
should have worn something else..

Serpentey things

7 For All Mankind jeans - Zara white puffy shirt -
Jessica Simpson snake print shoes - Michael Kors black bag  
Sometimes when I flip through a magazine, I will come across a page that has an item on it that reminds me of something I already own and that I had kind
of forgotten existed.

Which is exactly what happened when I was reading March 2012, 
In Style issue and saw a page that was all about snake accessories...

SO, I dived into my drawers and found my Roberto Cavalli snake ring, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses and my Roberto Cavalli Serpentine perfume.
All were gifts from the time I worked Cavalli perfumes. *Sigh*
Then added my snake print shoes and took for a ride all of my 
serpentey things :)

Pink wine

I always seek inspiration.
This time I found it on a blog.

I loved how these two colors look together: 
burgundy/oxblood and light pink.
I saw this weeeeeeks ago and pinned it.
Then while traveling last month I spent an entire day 
at the mall looking for a pair of trousers in this color.

Valerie Bertinelli trousers - H&M Pink and gold studs button down shirt -
Michael Kors black bag - H&M gold tone necklace - Moleca black suede shoes.

I found a similar one and that is how this outfit came together.

While the colors are not exactly the same, I like how they match.

It reminds me of those vintage combinations 
I use to make fun of and I now wear.


I was not a fan of geometry in school.

Printed trousers Wild Girl - Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Black bag Michael Kors -
Gold tone necklace H&M - Black flats Presumidas

I thought it was boring and found no use for it.
I just did not like it.

However, times change.
I like geometry now, but if a different way: 
on printed pants and jewelry.

Never say never !

The blog made me do it

Blogging opens endless opportunities.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans - Black bow tie Mango MNG sweater -
Michael Kors black bag - Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe wedges -
H&M clear acrylic ring and bracelet
Wether it's meeting new people, learning how to wear tricky items,
finding an item you are looking for at a reasonable price, trying out a new recipe or falling in love with a ring and a bracelet that are 
sold in a store in another country...

Yes... I fell in love with this clear acrylic ring and bracelet from H&M 
after I saw it on another blog.
Then asked my mom to visit all of the H&Ms nearby... 
until she found them.

The blog made me do it.