The blog made me do it

Blogging opens endless opportunities.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans - Black bow tie Mango MNG sweater -
Michael Kors black bag - Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe wedges -
H&M clear acrylic ring and bracelet
Wether it's meeting new people, learning how to wear tricky items,
finding an item you are looking for at a reasonable price, trying out a new recipe or falling in love with a ring and a bracelet that are 
sold in a store in another country...

Yes... I fell in love with this clear acrylic ring and bracelet from H&M 
after I saw it on another blog.
Then asked my mom to visit all of the H&Ms nearby... 
until she found them.

The blog made me do it.


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

They are beautiful!!! Looks so good on you. I've bought many things because of other people's blogs.

Lisa said...

The bracelet and ring are so unique and beautiful. Just gorgeous and I'll bet not too many people will own them!

coco said...

beautiful ring and bracelet !

Mica said...

Love the ring and bracelet, how sweet that your mum could hunt them down for you!

Living in Australia I often see things online we just can't get here, it's a shame.

drollgirl said...

blogs introduce us to so many things.

have you noticed many (most?) people are not blogging as much as they used to? it is weird. so many have stopped altogether. i guess these folks got burned out and/or just want to hang out on facebook or twitter.

Elegance Personified said...

That set of plastic & rhinestone jewels is so so pretty. I would have hunted it down, too. Now that I am seeing it at your blog, I want it.

You look very polished, here. =)