Monthly closet edits have come recurrent posts.
In September my closet edits, include:

Take Out fuchsia vest. Almost never worn. Does not fit well.

Black Sanrio Hello Kitty t shirt - so faded!

Black Polo Ralph Lauren t shirt - faded too.

Grey tshirt Stupid Factory by David & Goliath.
Bit snug, almost never worn - I still have "mood swings".

Black H&M trousers - too big and they had a hole in them !

H&M Black straw bag 
I bought this in H&M NYC about 5 years ago.
Wore it about 6 times. Stored it and now
I have come back to a bag that is just falling
apart. I hate to see it go.

My silver sandals from Payless Shoes.

Yellow clutch Suzy Lee.
I love this clutch, I have received so many compliments for it...
However it is another one of my bags that is falling apart, bit by bit.
I have worn it at least a dozen times in this blog.
I tell myself that I will give it one last wear, that no one will
tell that it's in bad shape... that is until this weeked I took it
to an event and set it on the table, right next to everyone else's bag...
Yes, I came home and immediately put it on the give away bag.

100 items have been given away YTD.


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

you have to do that often, to make room for the NEW! :)

Elegance Personified said...

I love looking at your end-of-the-month posts about items you let go from your closet. I wish you could use the two purses and shoes longer because I really like them, especially the yellow clutch.