Pink wine

I always seek inspiration.
This time I found it on a blog.

I loved how these two colors look together: 
burgundy/oxblood and light pink.
I saw this weeeeeeks ago and pinned it.
Then while traveling last month I spent an entire day 
at the mall looking for a pair of trousers in this color.

Valerie Bertinelli trousers - H&M Pink and gold studs button down shirt -
Michael Kors black bag - H&M gold tone necklace - Moleca black suede shoes.

I found a similar one and that is how this outfit came together.

While the colors are not exactly the same, I like how they match.

It reminds me of those vintage combinations 
I use to make fun of and I now wear.


Sheila said...

I love this combo - and what an awesome necklace! We made fun of those vintage combinations because they were ugly. This: not ugly!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the way you have worked this. I notice that there are a lot of jeans that are that colour here but no pink tops.

LyddieGal said...

perfect combo!
I always find inspiration from other bloggers, they are the best resource ever.
Chic on the Cheap

freeteyme said...

love the combo, very chic!

drollgirl said...

ha!!!! many things i used to make fun of i now like. this has happened with music, fashion, and sometimes even people!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

those two colors look GREAT together!!! :)

Mica said...

Love the pink and burgundy together!

Elegance Personified said...

I have always loved burgundy/wine/oxblood with soft pink or baby pink (like your combo). You look so polished and sophisticated and seriously that necklace looks great over a button-down, too.