Closet edits: May 2011

I have not had much time to do any closet editing.
However, 3 items did leave:

What: MNG Mango jeans        What: Exclusive! hole top
Why: For the obvious reasons....    Why: I never wear it and when I do I
                                        feel uncomfortable.

What: Black dress
Why: Too low cut, fabric is too thin, 
has tiny holes in the area where the label use to be and
I used it for a DIY project and added studs and these fell off.

Have you done any closet editing lately ?

Inspired by: March In Style

When I came across this page in March's In Style magazine 
it reminded me of a grey metallic tank I have and almost never wear.

So, this morning I thought it would be a good idea to wear it
as the text read "pair with clean casual pieces" 
and "steer clear of color except white or neutrals".

White Carven pants - Marc Segal metallic grey tank top - EnC white jacket - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats 

I am wearing white, I was so inspired until it began to pour...

May Buys

Here I go again...
Keeping track of what I buy in the
clothing and accessory department continues
to be an eye opening experience... month after month. 
These are my May buys.

Panama Hat
18.00 USD

Vintage porcelain plate pendant from San Telmo street market (Argentina)
7.00 USD

Textile Mamushka necklace from San Telmo street market (Argentina)
10.00 USD

Black Moleca brand suede shoes 46.71 (Rivera border in Brazil)

A yellow bag from Arena Milano
on sale for 1.99 USD

Logic turquoise-green tank top 1.99 USD           Fuchsia Provocative brand cropped running pants 6.99 USD

Total May purchases: 93.44 USD

Little things

I am one of those people that gets attached to things.
Not because of the value but, for what they mean to me.
A piece of cloth that belonged to my great grandmother or
my grandfather's handkerchief are good examples.

Banana Republic trousers - Melissa red shoes - Carven tank - Quest Top - Arena Milano yellow bag 

So, this morning while I picked out  earrings to wear, I came across a 
pair of pearl earrings that were given to me by my uncle when I turned 15. 

The earrings came with a necklace that is gone
as the pearls began to flake.
Being able to wear these earrings 20 years later and
remembering the moment he gave them to me, is special, 
mostly because my uncle is long gone. 
That was the last birthday we had together.

At the old city

It's one of my favorite places. EVER. the old city.

Levi's jeans - Ligo tank top - Yellow Arena Milano bag - Michael Kors sandals - Matryoshka necklace - Panama hat 

I spent Sunday morning here.

Had a nice and healthy buffet breakfast
(and it was free!) - restaurant's courtesy.

Then we walked the plaza, in which there was a small

The day was bright and sunny with some breeze.

I have loved coming to this place since I was a little girl.

I have an uncle who lives here and we would always come and visit.

To me the place is magical. 
Starting with the brick and cobblestone streets.

There is something special about it.

Maybe it's just part of me loving everything old.

On the go

Driving around. Going to the dentist. 

7 For All Mankind jeans - Turquoise Ralph Lauren polo shirt - Qupid wedges - Urban Expressions bag

This is the kind of outfit I want to stay away from.
Yes, it's easy and comfortable but I could run into hundreds
of women looking just like this going out to run errands.
I need to get out of this uniform !
Vintage pendant/pin


This is not the messy hair look.
It's just my hair being messy.

Zara trf top - American Ragpie cardigan - 7 for All Mankind jeans -
Karma wooden bead belt - Biviel red shoes - Urban Expressions bag -
Vintage ring - Vintage pendant/plate/brooch

And there is a big difference between those two.
However, I have it all figured out, nobody will notice
if I add a lot of color.
But, will anyone notice that I wore these jeans and cardi 
on Monday and the top on Tuesday ?

Happy Friday !

Still Waiting...

I am waiting - still - for a reply from the
Urban Expressions Bags company in regards to my
claim on their replaced item.

Grey trousers A.Byer - Uno Core fuchsia ruffle top - Cheap and Chic Moschino heels - Urban Expressions bag- Vintage ring

Long story short, I bought a bag.
Less than a year later the bag was literally falling apart. See it here
So, I wrote to them and they send me a replacement.

However, less than a month later the replacement they sent, 
well bag's zipper broke !
I wrote them telling them about it and have not
received a single reply.....

On to the rainforest

Today we are doing some sight seeing
at work to choose some locations for upcoming
events we are having.
Beige trousers Lands end - Top by Mostaza - Kenneth Cole brown peep toe shoes - Urban Expressions bag
The locations include: rainforest, an old home, 
a rooftop terrance in a restored building and a world wonder.
I certainly had to bring my hat along.

Listening to the parakeets

 Nice and sunny morning.
Almost got the sleep I needed. Almost.
Banana Republic trousers - Zara TRF top - Urban Expressions Bag - Innovativi shoes 
However, waking up to the crazy and loud parakeets that
live in the trees on my street is the sweetest sound.
They are my favorite birds !

Wood Matryoshka and textile necklace  

How about you ?
Do you have a favorite bird ?

Jeans on a Monday

I very rarely do this:
wear jeans on a Monday.
However I did, I am tired.
7 For All mankind jeans - Merona black top - American Ragpie cardigan -
Urban Expressions bag - Qupid animal print shoes

Sure I've had plenty of sleep, 
but my body does not seem to think it is enough.

Oh, sleep deprivation....
I am beginning to look like this button eyed doll.

Sunny Afternoon

It's a sunny afternoon which is nice.
Not so nice, is that it is Sunday... 
meaning tomorrow I have to work !

H&M Dress - Urban Expressions bag - Red shoes 

7 hours later

7 hours later I am finally home !

7 For All Mankind jeans - Pink Polo Ralph Lauren - Qupid animal print shoes - Urban Expressions bag

 I am also back home with 7 more pounds....

Pullover to scarf

De pulóver a bufanda
La necesidad es la madre de la invención

As I have said before this trip was probably the one
I have packed the worst for.
So, I had to make it happen with what I had.
One thing I felt I needed was a scarf that would 
not only keep me warm but also matched everything else.
The one and only scarf I had was my animal print one.
That is until I looked at my black Zara pullover with other eyes....

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Thursday in Montevideo

Jueves en Montevideo

It's almost over.
My trip is almost over !
Just two more intense days and
I end my trip in Uruguay :)

Black trousers - Black sweater - INC animal print scarf - Melissa red shoes

Uruguay is gorgeous !

Not an outfit post

I am not going to give you more of the same.
I have been wearing trousers and black
clothing layered over each other all of last week,
as my carry on is small and the trip is a long one.

Today I give you Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

I give you the grandeur creation.

Nature at its best.

One of the world's wonders.

Being there reminds you of how little and
insignificant we are.

Certainly one of the most beautiful places I have set my eyes on.

It reminds you that there is someone watching above.

I am certainly grateful for being able to 
set my eyes on this beauty ...

Via Vai striped shirt  - Black Zara vest

What are you grateful for today ?