Still Waiting...

I am waiting - still - for a reply from the
Urban Expressions Bags company in regards to my
claim on their replaced item.

Grey trousers A.Byer - Uno Core fuchsia ruffle top - Cheap and Chic Moschino heels - Urban Expressions bag- Vintage ring

Long story short, I bought a bag.
Less than a year later the bag was literally falling apart. See it here
So, I wrote to them and they send me a replacement.

However, less than a month later the replacement they sent, 
well bag's zipper broke !
I wrote them telling them about it and have not
received a single reply.....


Meli22 said...

At this point, I would give up not only the bag, but I wouldn't buy another one from them either. That's too bad : (

That blouse is an excellent color- very very pretty : )

Emma said...

That top is So Gorgeous!
That is terrible about the handbag situation. Do they have a phone number? I would be their worst nightmare. I am a stone cold B*tch if I get bad Customer Service or pay for a bad product. They are lucky they aren't dealing with me.

journeytobehealthy said...

Love the top! Yet another lovely color choice, and the ruffles are fun.

Taylor said...

That sucks. Customer service seems to be getting worse and worse lately! In better news - what a fabulous outfit. The shape and the color of your top are so great!

Anonymous said...

The fuchsia ruffle top is perfection with the grey trousers!

So sorry about the handbag horror story you're dealing with. :(

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

It's annoying when things aren't as good quality as they should be! I hope you get a reply soon :) love the blouse! It;s such a beautiful colour :)

Love, vanilla

Sheila said...

How annoying! That sounds like very poor customer service.

That top, however, is stunning on you - what a fabulous colour!