Happy Birthday Blog

I had been looking forward to this day.
It's a birthday, my blog's birthday.
(The "official day" passed and I missed it)
Even though I began this blog as just a place to post outfits, 
it also became a place for simple writing. Writing I had not done for long.
I had thought of things to do on this day.
Just something small to say "thank you" to all of 
you who stop and take the time to read
and comment.
But, it did not happen.
Many things are going on.
Not just my car which is at the VW dealership: 
window, engine, air conditioner and who knows what else...
Yes, what else.. check the air bag light turned on !
My mother in law's condition is not getting better (she has cancer)  
Also, I just realized that a family member has been taking 
advantage of my grandmother, financially speaking.
This, I will deal with tonight.
I also have the eviction nightmare coming up on tomorrow morning. 
Not to mention the "unpleasant surprise" of the 12 hour flight 
to Washington, D.C. which I will not even get into.
I am not going. Money right into the trash can.
So, I have many, many things on my plate right now
and to be honest I do not know how I am going to handle it all.
I have mixed feelings. I am angry.
I understand that things must be taken one at a time and
I also know there are things I cannot control.
So, let's see how this all ends.
Finally, one of the most common questions I have received throughout 
this year in Blogland is why I blur my face.
As I have said before, I live in a country that is not getting any safer. 
A country where you do not have to be wealthy to be kidnapped.
Anyone can be a target. 
Sometimes I ramble about personal things and 
places on the blog but, I try to keep a low profile.
I guess you have to be here to know.
Anyways, I thought it would be nice to finally "meet you" face to face
so you would know who Lorena of Lorena's Every Day Wear is.
Well, it's nice to meet you, it's been a pleasure !
Hugs and thank you for a great year.
Hopefully we will have more to come.

Unpleasant surprise

Once again, trying to make up my mind.
I could not decide which cardigan to wear over this
La Belle brand purse print strapless dress.

I tried my F21 pink polka dot and my rose color American Raglie.
The polka dot made me look washed out so I went with the rose color. 

Today my H tried to surprise me by leaving notes around the house
(he left yesterday for a business trip).
The notes lead me to a air ticket for a flight tomorrow morning 
to Washington D.C.
Not good.
My car is in the shop, his car tires need to be changed, his mom
is just out of the hospital and tomorrow I have to complete the eviction.
I am so upset.
I plan, I am a planner. Things work well when I plan.
I am pissed. I am not going. I cannot fly 12 hours to stay for
3 days. I am over my head mad. Talk about unpleasant surprise.

Live and Learn

My day  started really early today.
Went to the super market to pick up a few needed 
groceries that included deodorant :)
Then fueled the car and prayed the engine light would turn off.
So far, nothing it's still orange and blinking.
I am taking my car to the shop in the afternoon
(if the rain allows me to!)
The most difficult part believe it or not, will be getting
back home from the dealership as taxis here chose if they
want to drive you to a destination or not.
Light beige trousers Gianni Bini · Burgundy top Caramel  
· Animal print flats Anne Klein · Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne · 
Pearl flower brooch vintage
It's one of those "Live and Learn" days... as Jen would say.

Tuesday: Damn you car engine !

Get ready for more car action.

Yesterday afternoon I walked home. 
Then drove my car, to the guy who repaired the window 
about 4 weeks ago, yes, that same window.
He told me the mechanism broke and rolled the window up so I could at least use the car.
So, I am driving home, it's almost 8:00 p.m. I am wondering how much this is going to cost me.
I`m sweating as the air conditioner has also apparently died on me. 
All of the sudden the ENGINE sign is on.
That tiny engine sign turned orange.
Damn, damn, damn.
Anne Klein blue pinstripe pants · Blue, white, green top from INC·
Green pumps by Lela Rose for Payless· Yellow tote Liz Claiborne
Silver earrings and necklace vintage

The Naughty Step

I was tagged by the lovely Bombshellicious and was 
asked to put someone/thing on the naughty step.  
I have chosen to make it general and not
"personal". No pointing fingers. This goes to:

My friends who cannot keep secrets.
It makes me SO UPSET.
Once I was speaking to a friend and it was an extremely 
personal talk. When I finished telling her my story and how awful 
I felt and not knowing what to do. She told me. 
Something very similar happened to a friend we have in common. 
She gave me details.
At that moment I knew that my secret would not be kept.
Our friend had asked her to keep the conversation private 
and she didn't.
I have been in situations where I say things that other friends have confided in me, but NEVER have let a name or place or specific event slip. EVER.
I will deny you said anything to me.
I will act insane and look the other way, but
your secret it safe with me.
Besides the time I just told you about, I actually had a secret revealed.
Once I was sharing some information with a childhood friend whom I
dearly love in order to get her opinion.
She later on told my family. She said she saw nothing wrong with it.
I could have died. I could have killed her. But, I didn't.
Since then, I keep my conversations with the rather shallow and
never tell her anything personal. 
However if I want something to be known I go to her.
So that's my Naughty Step.
I am supposed to tag someone... let's see
Iris from 260 days no repeats. 

Monday: Damn you car window !

Imagine a beautiful morning...
It's sunny but there is also a wonderful breeze.
Got up on time and stayed in bed watching the news.
Played with the dogs. Got ready, packed lunch, took the elevator.
Once in the car, it seemed like a gorgeous day to drive to work with the 
window down. So, I did.
Got to work in a heartbeat, I wish it would have taken longer 
so I would have enjoyed the ride just a little more.
Turned off the radio, it was good music I had
been singing along to.
Then I roll up my window, only to hear a cracking sound.
My window is DEAD. It does not go up. DEAD.
I fixed it 4 weeks ago !
- Grey skirt Casual
- Green, gray and black top by Apt 9
- Black and grey shoes (Germany)
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus (gift from mom)
- Silver earrings, necklace and ring set (market in Mexico)
- Grey ribbon headband

SO, I had to drive back home (my office parking does not have a roof)
and if it rains I would be in deep trouble.
How's that for starting the week ?

Sunday: One bermuda short

I do not own many pairs of shorts.
I have 2 bermudas in khaki, two bermudas in jeans and 
finally two black ones: one bermuda and one mid thigh. 
This is my black pair of bermuda shorts from Style&Co.
I never wear them as I do not think they are
very flattering.
Marc Segal silver tank top 

So, on Sunday I chose to wear them.
However I could not decide if I should wear them with a 
white tee shirt or with a grey tank top.
Which one would you have picked ?
- Grey patent bag by Arena Milano
- Mother of pearl watch 
- Black, grey and cream wedges Nine West
- Silver toned Butterfly earrings (award from Jane)
- Waffles & Ophelia's Apothecary lip tint (Giveaway by By Hillary)
Answer: I wore the one with the gray tank and later
kind of regretted it.

Saturday Happenings..

Don't get too excited now.
It was just a children's pool party I went to.
This dress was a perfect pick as it kept me cool
on this humid afternoon.
The flip flops were also perfect as I could take them
off and walk on the side of the pool.

- Purple dress Cherish
- Black and silver flip flops
- Textile necklace from San Telmo Market, Argentina

Everyday view

I take my everyday pictures in a small 
balcony in our apartment.
Mostly because of the lighting as I use
my cel phone camera and it needs all the
help it can get.
And in case you have ever wondered, this
is what I usually look at while waiting to hear that
*click* from the camera.
It's not always this nice, sometimes it's
dark and cloudy.. other days it's pouring rain but, 
most of the time it's a pleasant view.

I wish I could remove the buildings from the view...
so I could see the mountains !

Nosy: What's in the bag ?

I have seen many fellow bloggers empty their bag's heart out and
share with us their contents.
I have been wanting to do this for sometime now and 
today I finally will.
Here are the contents of the bag worn yesterday:
My Elvis Presley beige and bronze tote.

Well, sorry guys.
In my case I change bags at least once a week and 
sometimes I cheat and put one bag inside the other.
SO maybe next time ?

Just in case you were wondering...

Just in case you were wondering, the nail polish 
I am wearing this week is courtesy of my mom.
It's from AVON nailwear pro, color LAGOON.
I usually bring my own nail polish to the salon.
The reason is I get my mani and pedi at the same time.
I bring along my polish as the polish lasts longer on my toe nails 
than on my finger nails and I paint them myself in between
visits to the salon.
That way, I have the same color on both.

I got my nails done on Saturday and the went on for 5 days 
before I got my first chip on Thursday!
I had not tried Avon nail polish in some time and I have to
say that I am looking forward to trying all the other colors
my mom got for me because they LAST !

Making Up my mind...

It's Friday! 
I woke up late.
I had an outfit planned in my head.
I tried it on, nothing fancy just jeans and a top.
"Crap, I am not sure I like this burgundy and beige together."
"I will exchange the vest for a black one. Mmmm no, not working."
Ok, it's almost 8:00 AM. 
"What If i pull out that shirt I wore on Monday and wear 
it with the beige vest ?"
Yes, that was this morning and finally went with the all beige top.
Which I am not sure why.
Which one would YOU have picked ?
(If any!)

- Levis Sandybell 1974 reissue Jeans
- Elie Tahari cream blouse
- Cream vest (THIS IS OLD! Maybe 11 years?)
- Cream bead earrings +necklace worn as bracelet 
-Caramel burgundy top
- Bronze and cream Elvis Tote (gift from mom)

Totally Eclipsed !

Last night my H and a couple of friends went to the movies to see ECLIPSE.
Never did I imagine I would love it so much, even though I have not 
seen the New Moon & Twilight.
The "violent" scenes were not bloody or disgusting. 
The language used was not obscene and there was no sex or nudity.
Did I mention I liked it ?
- Levi's Sandybell reissue 1974
- White shirt (worn to work)
- Grey, cream and black wedges Nine West
- Black and blue clutch BCBG
- Grey jacket Liz Claiborne peties (worn to work)

Inspired by a magazine ad...

You are going to have to excuse me here, 
I got the ad I am "inspired by" today from an In Style 
and I am not sure what brand it was for... 
I tore it out and tossed the magazine.
Anyways, I was not happy with the results but, did not have
time to change so here I am wearing something I don't love.
I know I should "rehearse" my outfits.
Some lessons are learned the hard way.
- Cropped jeans New York & Company
- White button down shirt
- Grey jacket Liz Claiborne Petites (this is like 8 years old!)
- Black and blue clutch BCBG
- Silver toned sandals from Payless
- Silver butterflies set bought in Mexico

Night Out: Mexican Cocktail

Last night my H and I went to a cocktail held by the
Mexican Embassy where delicious mexican tortillas were served.
It was a photographic exposition which I now realize I should
have taken pictures of... ugh.
- Black dress by Target special ediiton
- Red/Burgundy patent peep toe heels Nine West
- Blue and Black BCBG clutch
- Black and white pearls


"the only thing that makes it a part of your life is 
that you keep thinking about it"
Yes, I know.
This quote seems perfect for me today.
I picked it up from Jen's Slumber Designs site.
(BTW she has the best quotes)
- Vintage white lace blouse (gift from great aunt)
- Black trousers
- Black patent skinny belt
- Red/Burgundy patent peep toes from Nine West
- Black and blue BCBG clutch
- Gucci earrings 
- Zipper hair clips
I received comments this morning from this look which 
focuses on the vintage blouse which is probably 30 years old.
My H said it looked like a restraining jacket 
(because of the buttons on the back) and
the security guard at my work place said I looked like an angel.
Maybe I am a little crazy but, I also want to think I am good.


I am blue. Inside and out.
I am a total controller, I admit it.
Which is why I get so upset and frustrated when I
cannot figure things out or even begin to understand.
-Feelings cannot be controlled, they are irrational, sense 
cannot be brought into them, that I know. Period.-
Recently I was contacted by someone who I had not 
heard of for about a year.
Someone the delete key has been pressed for 
so many, many times.
But, it does not seem to work and my heart skips
a beat and I cannot do anything about it.

Have you ever wanted to stop feeling a certain way? 
But, could not ?
"The first love is the sweetest, but the first cut is the deepest.."

My feeling blue assisted me in bringing all types of blue together: 
flower print, stripes and even letters:
- Blue trousers Anne Klein
- Blue+flower shirt Tommy Hilfiger
- Red-burgundy pumps Nine West
- BCBG Clutch
- Light blue rose paper earrings