The Naughty Step

I was tagged by the lovely Bombshellicious and was 
asked to put someone/thing on the naughty step.  
I have chosen to make it general and not
"personal". No pointing fingers. This goes to:

My friends who cannot keep secrets.
It makes me SO UPSET.
Once I was speaking to a friend and it was an extremely 
personal talk. When I finished telling her my story and how awful 
I felt and not knowing what to do. She told me. 
Something very similar happened to a friend we have in common. 
She gave me details.
At that moment I knew that my secret would not be kept.
Our friend had asked her to keep the conversation private 
and she didn't.
I have been in situations where I say things that other friends have confided in me, but NEVER have let a name or place or specific event slip. EVER.
I will deny you said anything to me.
I will act insane and look the other way, but
your secret it safe with me.
Besides the time I just told you about, I actually had a secret revealed.
Once I was sharing some information with a childhood friend whom I
dearly love in order to get her opinion.
She later on told my family. She said she saw nothing wrong with it.
I could have died. I could have killed her. But, I didn't.
Since then, I keep my conversations with the rather shallow and
never tell her anything personal. 
However if I want something to be known I go to her.
So that's my Naughty Step.
I am supposed to tag someone... let's see
Iris from 260 days no repeats. 


Jen said...

Uggghhhh.... don't you hate when people do that? I know it all to well! All you can do is learn to never tell them something of importance again. Live and learn, right?

Iris said...

I see the "homework" I'll get right on it... lol

Bombshellicious said...

Good Naughty Step post Lorena I hate it when "friends" are like that xx