Monday: Damn you car window !

Imagine a beautiful morning...
It's sunny but there is also a wonderful breeze.
Got up on time and stayed in bed watching the news.
Played with the dogs. Got ready, packed lunch, took the elevator.
Once in the car, it seemed like a gorgeous day to drive to work with the 
window down. So, I did.
Got to work in a heartbeat, I wish it would have taken longer 
so I would have enjoyed the ride just a little more.
Turned off the radio, it was good music I had
been singing along to.
Then I roll up my window, only to hear a cracking sound.
My window is DEAD. It does not go up. DEAD.
I fixed it 4 weeks ago !
- Grey skirt Casual
- Green, gray and black top by Apt 9
- Black and grey shoes (Germany)
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus (gift from mom)
- Silver earrings, necklace and ring set (market in Mexico)
- Grey ribbon headband

SO, I had to drive back home (my office parking does not have a roof)
and if it rains I would be in deep trouble.
How's that for starting the week ?


Miss Emma Kitty said...

That is No Good about your Car Window !
I Absolutely LOVE the skirt and Your Jewelry is Amazing ! Love Butterflies.

Jan said...

Oh it could only happen on a Monday morning ,hope the rest of the week is better ,love those butterflies especially the ring ,love the grey skirt and gray shoes or was it the other way round lol Jan xx

*rachelwears said...

cuute skirt!!<3

KATHY said...

Me enamore de la pollera...
es bella

Sheila said...

You are just having bad luck with your car!

But you look amazing in this gorgeous skirt! I love how it looks on you - great cut! Wear it more!

Sydney -- PetiteGorgeous said...

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your car windows. The same incident happened to me, only it was the front windows. Luckily, I had AAA membership, and they came and fixed the windows for me free of charge.

I really like the skirt and the sucker for bows :). Since I started following you, I've always seem to manage to be so creative with styling your outfits. That's something to admire.

Thank you for leaving such a sweet comments about my header on my blog.

ABIGAIL NY said...

love the outfit, it is amazing and the colors are very well put!!