Everyday view

I take my everyday pictures in a small 
balcony in our apartment.
Mostly because of the lighting as I use
my cel phone camera and it needs all the
help it can get.
And in case you have ever wondered, this
is what I usually look at while waiting to hear that
*click* from the camera.
It's not always this nice, sometimes it's
dark and cloudy.. other days it's pouring rain but, 
most of the time it's a pleasant view.

I wish I could remove the buildings from the view...
so I could see the mountains !


Bombshellicious said...

Have always wanted to see pics of where you live and views ....its interesting other peoples parts of the world. xx

Jan said...

What a beautiful sunset ,or was it sunrise ,a lovely view anyway ,I live in the Fens in East Anglia in the UK and we are famous for our big skys ...I have posted again ..love Jan xx

KATHY said...

Lindo el look de hoy..pero estava para llover?

Sheila said...

That's so lovely! What a nice view.

LyddieGal said...
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LyddieGal said...

Wow, that sky is gorgeous! The tremendous pink clouds just encroaching on the blue... Love it.

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Miss Emma Kitty said...

That view is Beautiful !
Also Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.