Making up my mind...

Today we are taking a colleague from work to lunch as a 
GOOD LUCK gesture as she is leaving to pursue her own business.
Our office is located in the financial district so it means heavy traffic, no parking.
In order to have more time to enjoy lunch we decided to find a restaurant in the area that we could walk to and in these cracked or non existent sidewalks the shoes had to be comfortable.
I could not make up my mind on what pair to wear !
Tri color wedges ?  red patent ?
I chose my black and silver patent flats...

- Grey dress by Famosa (gift from mom)
- Black and grey patent flats (Berlin)
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Silver square pendant TOUS
What are your office surroundings like?
Is it loud ? Crowded ?
I'd like to know... I am nosey yes.

This cropped jacket...

This morning's post is inspired by the color combination below.
I have a hard time wearing this fuchsia cropped jacket (THAT FOR SOME REASON LOOKS RED IN PICTURES)
I am never quite happy with the results, so I went on line to seek something to inspire me or let's be realistic, someone to copy and I came up with this:
This is my version:
- White jeans GAP
- Yellow top Isaac Mizrahi for Target
- Fucshia cropped jacket Style & Co.
- Colorful flats Bamboo
- Grey patent tote by Arena
- Silver square pendant Tous

This cropped jacket was a gift from mom.
Could this be the reason I insist on keeping it ?
Would you keep it ?


We all have reasons for anything we do.
In this case I am referring to the reasons I keep clothes - as you know this shopping ban thing makes you a little drowsy sometimes - and you begin to think about certain things that never crossed your mind or at least you did not stop to think about it.
Brown GAP Trousers - Oscar De La Renta top - Animal print sandals Bandolino - Bronze Elvis tote - Gold tone hoops 
Today's top I have kept because my H has one JUST LIKE IT.
Only once have we sported it together, a long time ago to the movies with friends.
We got the funniest comments, which is the reason that neither of us wear it anymore (for example: "Where are you guys performing tonight?")
I guess I have kept it in the closet waiting, giving myself reasons.. 
Why toss, if it's Oscar De La Renta ?
Maybe on Halloween we could need to have the same garments for a certain costume, maybe we will perform together someday, somewhere ? 
Could leave it around as a layering piece ?
I do not know..... if my reasons for keeping this are valid.
So what do you think?

Work to Opera

This morning I had to leave home dressed to go work and the opera.
I know, it's kind of odd but I got *free tickets* to the opera tonight and the only way I can make it on time is by leaving from work straight to the Theatre.
So I picked two dresses to chose from, both from the UNWORN clothing closet.
The first one is a black dress with the sheer sleeves below... I thought it was too fun and too short for the opera (plus I would have to wear tights and it's hell hot out there).

So the above black dress was disqualified and replaced by the below:
- Black brocade fabric sleeveless dress by Tommy Hilfiger
- Black patent shoes AM PM
- Black, grey and purple pearl bracelets
- Silver padded bag, worn as clutch
This dress had been hanging with the tag on for approximately 9 months.
I love cocktail dresses and every time I come across one that has a good price I buy it, even if I have nowhere to go with it. 
I paid 19.99 USD for this dress, which as you can see was marked down.

The pearls I got for a good price...
and this kind little silver bag for less than 5.00 USD

The Opera is something I was not exposed to until recently and I have to say I really enjoy it.
It could just be me getting older :)

Restraining Jacket ?

Well, maybe it does look a little like a restraining jacket and the way I have been feeling lately, I just fear I might need one.
- Black pants
- White jacket with printed buttons My Michelle
- Black animal print XXL bag
- Silver ring, street vendor St. Thomas, USVI
So, what does YOUR week look like ?

Weekend ...

What are weekends for ?
Before it use to be to rest or do fun stuff !
Go to the beach, movies, visit friends...
Or just lay there and not shower, just lay there watching tv
Now it's for errands, paying bills, taking the car to the shop.
I basically SAT all Saturday morning at the VW dealer car shop wearing this:
- Black cropped by Volar
- Grey slouchy top with flower drawing GO by Target
- Silver heart pendant
- Black and animal print XXL bag
- Black flats 
My weekend was not only $pending money at the car shop,

We were invited to a friend's birthday 
Blue Galeno eyelet dress
which was a nice bbq, with tons of food,

friends to chat with, nice warm weather (it got a little hot afterwards)

I wish my weekends were more like that.
More social, more "out there"
Plus my "weekends" are usually just Saturday as Sundays are for my H's parents which limits all plans.
Do not even get me started, you do not want that rant.
So, I will sit and wait for my next "weekend".

Please don't let me out the door wearing this...

Sometimes I think I will be punished for being such a critic. So, I have been trying to control myself.

During last week's wedding my H pointed this girl out to me. 
I had seen her but did not want to make a comment, so just to get it straight, HE MADE ME.

I asked him to never allow me to leave the house if I wore something like this...

Nono1 by you.
It actually looks a lot better in the picture!
If you think this is bad... you missed out on a girl that had her t-ts half way out. My husband was terrified they would fall out on the dance as she put her arms up while dancing.
Sometimes I wonder if those around us are honest and say what they really think when we ask:
"How does this look ?"

Baby's First Tooth

Sometimes I get crafty.
But, I HAVE to be in a certain mood.
We have a custom that when a baby gets their first tooth it is celebrated (i know...)
The way to do that is to make rice pudding for family and friends.
Not invite them over for the rice pudding but, deliver it to them as a party favor.

My cousin's baby girl had her first tooth several weeks ago. 
I volunteered to decorate the rice pudding containers and grandma made her rice pudding recipe.

It was over 50 of them. 
It seemed endless but the final result was good.
The transparent cups were covered with a pink checkered napkin and then placed inside a transparent bag which was tied with light green ribbon.
I tied a knot and inserted a small spoon so the person receiving it could eat it and have a napkin at hand.
Finally I placed a card with the baby girl's name and added a picture of a happy tooth.
Are you crafty ?
I certainly know someone who is, you have got to visit 
Clau! at 
Eye Candy Events, she rocks.

Where's the Witch ?

Have you heard of a tale that says that if witches don't let you sleep you have to wear your pijamas on backwards ?
If you have not heard it then it's probably a local tale I grew up listening to.
Today I chose to wear my black dress on backwards because it it WAY too revealing and I did not want to layer it and the back part is actually a nice clean canvas for anything.
- Black dress
- Red cardigan by 52 Weekends
- Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Gold tone necklace and earrings
- XXL black and animal print bag
Lousy pictures courtesy of my Blackberry, as my Nokia cel phone a.k.a. my camera was nowhere to be found.
Have a wonderful weekend !

Earth Day

Every time we turn on the tv or pick up a newspaper we find events that are related to global warming.
In my lifetime I have been able to see forests and swamps disappear, feel the climate change firsthand.
Sometimes I have doubts on what I should do to make this destruction process slow down...
Today while reading Newsweek's 100 Endangered Places to Remember Before they Disappear I found that my country is unfortunately listed under the Americas. 
Knew it, I can feel it, I can see it happen.
I highly recommend you check the Newsweek link above with the most breathtaking pictures.

I recycle even though there is no recycle program established by our government.
I envy those countries that are steps ahead, where you can recycle almost anything.
I have to do what I can...

What are you doing ?
Do you recycle ?

Not one of my favorites

It's finally Thursday !
In case you have not read it before, I am currently not only on a self imposed shopping ban but also doing what I call a "Closet Mission". Where my goal is to wear ALL I have.
I am down to very few pieces now and this pullover vest is one of THOSE pieces that have hung there forever without getting worn.
It's a children's brand called Stefanel Kids, I remember that in my dark clothes age it was one of my most worn pieces... how do styles change !
 I think this little piece is also taking a hike, what do you think ?
I have to say I LOVED having SO MANY honest comments from you on the post where I was deciding on giving my white dresses another home.
- Dark grey pants 
- White bow sleeve shirt by Ketchup
- Pepper pullover vest Stefanel Kids
- Silver sandals Payless
- Silver padded bag (here worn as a clutch)
- Silver flower charm
- Light blue Tous ring (Venezuela)

So, what do you think ?
Keep ?
Give away ?