We all have reasons for anything we do.
In this case I am referring to the reasons I keep clothes - as you know this shopping ban thing makes you a little drowsy sometimes - and you begin to think about certain things that never crossed your mind or at least you did not stop to think about it.
Brown GAP Trousers - Oscar De La Renta top - Animal print sandals Bandolino - Bronze Elvis tote - Gold tone hoops 
Today's top I have kept because my H has one JUST LIKE IT.
Only once have we sported it together, a long time ago to the movies with friends.
We got the funniest comments, which is the reason that neither of us wear it anymore (for example: "Where are you guys performing tonight?")
I guess I have kept it in the closet waiting, giving myself reasons.. 
Why toss, if it's Oscar De La Renta ?
Maybe on Halloween we could need to have the same garments for a certain costume, maybe we will perform together someday, somewhere ? 
Could leave it around as a layering piece ?
I do not know..... if my reasons for keeping this are valid.
So what do you think?


Sheila said...

You always look cute, but I'm not a fan of this top - it looks too much like a workout top that I own.

Jane W. said...

Aren't you the hottie in hot pink! I love that color.

Delane said...

spruce it up..add a scarf or a great pin, Layer it under a jacket is another idea. Or possbily more casual with a pair of cargo capris?

Okay I have ask..but you don't need to respond (if you think I'm intruding, I am only some person over the internet) are you in witness protection? What gives with the smudged face?

Leah said...

Keep it... it's a lovely color and a versatile piece of clothing. I love your ring. xoxo

Elaine said...

I think that is so cute you guys have matcihng shirts! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the ring!