Earth Day

Every time we turn on the tv or pick up a newspaper we find events that are related to global warming.
In my lifetime I have been able to see forests and swamps disappear, feel the climate change firsthand.
Sometimes I have doubts on what I should do to make this destruction process slow down...
Today while reading Newsweek's 100 Endangered Places to Remember Before they Disappear I found that my country is unfortunately listed under the Americas. 
Knew it, I can feel it, I can see it happen.
I highly recommend you check the Newsweek link above with the most breathtaking pictures.

I recycle even though there is no recycle program established by our government.
I envy those countries that are steps ahead, where you can recycle almost anything.
I have to do what I can...

What are you doing ?
Do you recycle ?


Bombshellicious said...

We have a good programme here and I do recycle. We have just had the Iceland volcano ash cloud enter our atmostphere here and it shows how mother earth can control us ... am sure its trying to tell us something .... we all need to change our ways for deffo xx

Elaine said...

Our trash company sorts the trash at their site so it's easier for us that way. We also use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags!

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Clau! said...


Si vi los de liberty of london en internet, lástima que aquí no tenemos Target...


Katie said...

We use reusable shopping bags:)

Sheila said...

We recycle everything we can (which is a lot, luckily), buy second hand, borrow things like tools or luggage to avoid buying new. I also buy as much organic and locally-produced and sold things as I can.

It just makes sense to do it when you can.