Weekend ...

What are weekends for ?
Before it use to be to rest or do fun stuff !
Go to the beach, movies, visit friends...
Or just lay there and not shower, just lay there watching tv
Now it's for errands, paying bills, taking the car to the shop.
I basically SAT all Saturday morning at the VW dealer car shop wearing this:
- Black cropped by Volar
- Grey slouchy top with flower drawing GO by Target
- Silver heart pendant
- Black and animal print XXL bag
- Black flats 
My weekend was not only $pending money at the car shop,

We were invited to a friend's birthday 
Blue Galeno eyelet dress
which was a nice bbq, with tons of food,

friends to chat with, nice warm weather (it got a little hot afterwards)

I wish my weekends were more like that.
More social, more "out there"
Plus my "weekends" are usually just Saturday as Sundays are for my H's parents which limits all plans.
Do not even get me started, you do not want that rant.
So, I will sit and wait for my next "weekend".


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

My weekends are usually filled with running round after the children, cooking, cleaning and tidying up!

hillary said...

I hate when people use the phrase I am jealous it makes me feel guilty but i saw your necklace and I was so jealous I squealed a little! I COVET THAT KEY!