Superman goes to work

That's what I feel I look like today: SUPERMAN!
Ha! turns out this 20+ year old silk blouse has the brightest red and blue colors you could think of.
It use to belong to my 82 year old great aunt who gave it to me with a bunch of other goodies ...
I wore:
- Jeans Levi´s Sandybell 1974 Reissue
- Red patent skinny belt
- Don Sayres Blue and red silk blouse - vintage
- Red zipper sandals F21
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
Have a great weekend !

Private Opera Function

Last night we had the honor to be invited to a private function of an opera held in a private residence (my aunt and uncle could not go and they transfered the invitation to us. 
The group was from the Liceo in Barcelona.
It was held under a full moon, open bar, buffet and music, a real feast for all your senses.

I wore:
- H&M Black dress
- Black patent Nine West wedges
- Burgundy velvet Adrienne Papell clutch
- Gold toned Chanel earrings (these are sooo heavy!)
- Gold bangles

Dress: Last Worn August 27th, 2009.

This is only the second time I wear this dress, it was last seen here, on August 27th, 2009.
It's a really comfortable dress, it cost very little and it's a maternity dress.
I honestly bought it because of the print, the color and the price.

Today I decided to wear it as I plan to give it away and wanted to convince myself that it was not flattering, but ... I like it !

Anyways, I already promised it to a friend who is pregnant and I am sure that she will not be wearing it every 5 months but many, many more times!

- Blue and grey dress Liz Lange Maternity
- Brown padded belt
- Brown suede mules Aerosoles
- Yellow Tote Bag Liz Claiborne
- Silver earrings from Mexico
- 5 silver bracelets

DYI: STOP That Hungry Pair of Sandals!!

I don´t know if it's just me... but, you know when you are wearing sandals and pants and the sandal "bites" your pant hem ?

Having to pull that pant all day long into place is almost as bad as wearing bad underwear. 
Or when you are wearing a nice skirt or dress and you need to step it up a notch ? Or when your sandals make a clanking noise as you walk ?
You have the power to make it stop, all you need is ribbon - I chose a black satin one and these black suede Unisa sandals.
First step is take approximately one yard (3 feet) of ribbon, fold it in half and slip it under the sandal leaving on each side the equal amount of ribbon, like this:

Then cross it at the front and then to the back, very gladiator like.

After you finish wrapping the ribbon around your leg you tie a bow, I prefer doing it at the back specially if I am going to wear it with a skirt.

You can do this with flat sandals, same as heels.
It can be colored ribbon... 
It's a real relief so stop hearing that clacking sound.. clack, clack, clack... and also it's great to know that you do not have to stop every couple of steps to pull the hem of your pants into place.

Worked for me, hope it works for you !

Seeking Inspiration on the 27th Day of My Shopping Ban

You may recall that I decided to go on a self imposed shopping ban for this year.
The ban consists on not buying shoes, accessories and of course clothes, I made the following "guides" to be followed:

1. I will not buy anything during the month of January 2010
2. In February I can buy one item
3. March I can buy 2 items but, 2 items of the same kind must leave my closet
4. April no purchases allowed
5. May, June, July : one item per month allowed
6. August, September, October: 2 items per month
7. November, December: one item per month
So far, in this month I have purchased 0. So I have been controlling myself a bit.
Now, I still do not know how I will handle upcoming vacations, do I assign a budget ? How would you do it ?
Anyways, as I continue with my self imposed ban, I was looking for some inspiration and found the above picture from the Philip Lim Fall 2009 Collection... and here's my summer version:

- Brown pants GAP
- Fuchsia Uno core ruffly top
- Beige cropped jacket Ann Taylor Loft
- Brown stretch belt 
- Silver Matte sandals Payless
- Yellow bag Lulu brand
- Silver Chanel wannabe earrings 
- Almost all my silver bracelets

You know, this whole set looks a lot better in "person" - meaning that the photographed version is not that flattering.... 

The Brown Suit

This morning when I put on this suit I remembered several things. 
One of them was that it was a present from my aunt and uncle last year for my birthday. The other was that it has only been worn twice and the third thing I remember is that the last time I wore it was in April 2009 in New York.

Sometimes I wonder how I cannot remember to stop by the supermarket and pick up milk but I can actually remember things that do not need to be remembered.

I wore:
- Brown suit Camila brand
- Ed Hardy like tank top with lace
- Brown belt with "rocky" buckle
- Yellow tote bag Lulu brand
- Blue suede shoes Dani Black brand
- Crystal Bear Swarovski (gift from H's mom)
- Silver ring with blue stone 
- Blue headband

Do you remember unnecessary details ? or am I the only nut here ?

I forgot...

I feel so slow today... and so upset !
I had figured out this black set last week and WAS supposed to wear it with colorful tights and shoes, but then I forgot. Really, I forgot !
Just last week I was reading that since we are in summer months we should try to keep away from black and bring in some color... seems like it went right into one ear and right out the other...
- Black skirt Target
- Black sheer top Insolite brand
- Black tank top
- Black and silver flats
 - Almost all my silver bracelets
- Grey patent bag

Sunny Sunday at the Beach....

Well even though we were at a beach side community, we only got to the pool :o( ... I know, what a bummer... maybe next time I will actually get to feel the sand on my feet.

While there, I wore the black tunic I wore yesterday as a tuck in top.
Wore it over my bathing suit.

After a bit of sun (just a little) and some water and too much food, we had to drive back to reality: home
I wore:
- Black Shorts Geoffrey Beene
- Light blue ruffly one shoulder top Carven
- Black jeweled flip flops Nine West

How was your weekend ?
When was the last time you went to the beach ?

Another Saturday Post

Saturday was a stressful one. 
I had to take the car to the shop and sit there for hours, I don't even want to tell you about the bill, let's just say it's a month's salary. My H was also busy with his car which has been in the shop for over 3 weeks and let's just say that it's 2 month's salary for it to be repaired. 
We had plans for vacations in February and I am thinking: there goes our budget !
I wore:
- Tommy Hilfiger jeans
- Light turquoise linen top Ashley USA
- Grey patent tote
- Butterfly flat sandals (gift from mom)
- Silver Mexican earrings (bought in Mexico)
After a hectic day - that still is not over, we drove to the beach to spend the night at a friend's house and I wore:
- Black tunic (tucked in)
- White mini skirt Calvin Klein
- Grey patent bag
- Black jeweled flip flops Nine West
Of course we took our dogs with us !

Friday Dinner Hosted by Julissa

Friday night H and I were invited to a friend's home for a birthday dinner. 

My friend cooked for me :) as a treat for my birthday !
I wore:
- Jeans Tommy Hilfiger
- Grey tank top
- Blue top Unecessary Objects
- Grey patent bag
- Black flat sandals
- Silver star hoop earrings
- Most of my silver bracelets 
The dinner was amazing, we had bruschetta and cucumber canoes with tomato and onions as entrees and for the main dish we had spinach and chicken crepes with white sauce:
For dessert she served an amazing rum cake:
Dinner and a gift, what a great night !