Seeking Inspiration on the 27th Day of My Shopping Ban

You may recall that I decided to go on a self imposed shopping ban for this year.
The ban consists on not buying shoes, accessories and of course clothes, I made the following "guides" to be followed:

1. I will not buy anything during the month of January 2010
2. In February I can buy one item
3. March I can buy 2 items but, 2 items of the same kind must leave my closet
4. April no purchases allowed
5. May, June, July : one item per month allowed
6. August, September, October: 2 items per month
7. November, December: one item per month
So far, in this month I have purchased 0. So I have been controlling myself a bit.
Now, I still do not know how I will handle upcoming vacations, do I assign a budget ? How would you do it ?
Anyways, as I continue with my self imposed ban, I was looking for some inspiration and found the above picture from the Philip Lim Fall 2009 Collection... and here's my summer version:

- Brown pants GAP
- Fuchsia Uno core ruffly top
- Beige cropped jacket Ann Taylor Loft
- Brown stretch belt 
- Silver Matte sandals Payless
- Yellow bag Lulu brand
- Silver Chanel wannabe earrings 
- Almost all my silver bracelets

You know, this whole set looks a lot better in "person" - meaning that the photographed version is not that flattering.... 


Meli22 said...

Love that you included your inspiration pic! I use inspiration all the time (a top combo, a layering idea, a color combo, etc) but never include them because I get my inspiration from all kinds of places, including fellow bloggers, catalouges, magazines, etc.

Brittany D'Lynne said...

Love that top! Its beautiful!!