Another Saturday Post

Saturday was a stressful one. 
I had to take the car to the shop and sit there for hours, I don't even want to tell you about the bill, let's just say it's a month's salary. My H was also busy with his car which has been in the shop for over 3 weeks and let's just say that it's 2 month's salary for it to be repaired. 
We had plans for vacations in February and I am thinking: there goes our budget !
I wore:
- Tommy Hilfiger jeans
- Light turquoise linen top Ashley USA
- Grey patent tote
- Butterfly flat sandals (gift from mom)
- Silver Mexican earrings (bought in Mexico)
After a hectic day - that still is not over, we drove to the beach to spend the night at a friend's house and I wore:
- Black tunic (tucked in)
- White mini skirt Calvin Klein
- Grey patent bag
- Black jeweled flip flops Nine West
Of course we took our dogs with us !


Meli22 said...

I covet those earrings. If you were a girlfriend of mine, they might randomly disappear and appear again... ;)

Lorena said...

Thanks Meli !

Kristen said...

THOSE SANDALS!!!! So, so great. LOVE them.