Dress: Last Worn August 27th, 2009.

This is only the second time I wear this dress, it was last seen here, on August 27th, 2009.
It's a really comfortable dress, it cost very little and it's a maternity dress.
I honestly bought it because of the print, the color and the price.

Today I decided to wear it as I plan to give it away and wanted to convince myself that it was not flattering, but ... I like it !

Anyways, I already promised it to a friend who is pregnant and I am sure that she will not be wearing it every 5 months but many, many more times!

- Blue and grey dress Liz Lange Maternity
- Brown padded belt
- Brown suede mules Aerosoles
- Yellow Tote Bag Liz Claiborne
- Silver earrings from Mexico
- 5 silver bracelets


Meli22 said...

fine- give ME the dress ;)

seriously if I were you this dress would never leave my hot little paws :) LOVE it- who cares if it was a maternity dress? LOOVVEE that you belted it!

sisters and dresses said...

Me encanta como has combinado el vestido, el azul con marrón creo que es un acierto y con el bolso amarillo genial.
Yo tengo un vestido de verano en tonos azules y blancos y también lo he combinado así :)


heart charlie said...

I love the color combination of the blue, yellow, and brown belt! Very cute ;)

Bug said...

I have a few dresses like that. They just sit in my closet and I never wear them. Your is very cute. Love the paring of the brown belt.