DYI: STOP That Hungry Pair of Sandals!!

I don´t know if it's just me... but, you know when you are wearing sandals and pants and the sandal "bites" your pant hem ?

Having to pull that pant all day long into place is almost as bad as wearing bad underwear. 
Or when you are wearing a nice skirt or dress and you need to step it up a notch ? Or when your sandals make a clanking noise as you walk ?
You have the power to make it stop, all you need is ribbon - I chose a black satin one and these black suede Unisa sandals.
First step is take approximately one yard (3 feet) of ribbon, fold it in half and slip it under the sandal leaving on each side the equal amount of ribbon, like this:

Then cross it at the front and then to the back, very gladiator like.

After you finish wrapping the ribbon around your leg you tie a bow, I prefer doing it at the back specially if I am going to wear it with a skirt.

You can do this with flat sandals, same as heels.
It can be colored ribbon... 
It's a real relief so stop hearing that clacking sound.. clack, clack, clack... and also it's great to know that you do not have to stop every couple of steps to pull the hem of your pants into place.

Worked for me, hope it works for you !


Brittany D'Lynne said...

You are amazing! What a great tip!! I love it!! :)

Leah said...

Thanks for the tip... I will definitely give it a try!!! xoxo

ana said...

Me has dado la mejor idea del mundo! tengo unas igualitas que las que nos muestras en las fotos jeje ya te diré como me quedaron... por cierto te deje un premio en mi blog! saludos

Porcelain Blonde said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens, it's so unflattering!

Cute trick, very clever ;)

<3 xxx

Lola said...

la verdad que es una buena idea, deje de comprarme de este tipo de sandalias porque me molesta muchisimo con los pantalones. me gusta tu blog, saludos lola

Anonymous said...

Your post is so funny - I thought I was the only one who could be annoyed by such a small thing! Anyways, I love your suggestion, and I will difinitely use it in the spring and summer when I start wearing my sandals. Thanks for the creative solution.