The Leech

Jeans NYDJ, identical - Metallic silver print button shirt Silvia Tcherassi, another Tcherassi option 
Perforated grey suede flats Dr. Scholl's, similar - Black tote bag Furla, similar

It resonated with me, not only do I accept having emotional attachment to some items but because I was able to identify some of those toxic garments in my closet.

I've already identified "the critic", "the backstabber" and today we have the leech. 

As Ally best says, "the leech" is that needy garment that "takes and takes and rarely gives in return". That garment that requires extra effort for you to wear and that makes you sweat it. For example you tug on it to sit well or need a safety pin, or cannot move much in it because it will wrinkle.

Damn it. This shirt wrinkles the moment you look a it. By the time I am done doing the bow everything is wrinkled. But, you see I was smitten, it was my very first Tcherassi purchase. I did not see that leech coming. 

While I should edit this shirt,  I still love it even if its just a one sided relationship.  

Any leeches in your closet?


Laura B said...

I love the names of these pieces that we likely all have in our closets! I used to have so many 'leeches' in my closet but after kids I got rid of most of them. I just didn't have time to deal with them anymore!

Natalie S said...

No puedo pensar en ninguna en este momento pero sí recuerdo haber pasado por situaciones similares, donde solo termino de ponerme la camisa o pantalón y este se ve como si lo hubiese hecho una bola antes. Es lo peor!

Sheila said...

I don't recognize that brand, but I looked it up, and wow, gorgeous pieces! Too bad about the wrinkling, though.

I'm pretty good about leeches in my closet, although today's leather pants sort of fit under that - I always have to ensure I wear them with a long top because otherwise I'll have buttcrack issues (ha!).

Mica said...

It is a lovely top, even if it's a pain to wear! I tend not to have many pieces like that left in my wardrobe. I don't have much patience or time to fuss with things running around with the boys. It's always the prettiest pieces that tend to be the most impractical though! I often regret letting things go when I see old pics of them on my blog, but I just need to remember why I got rid of them!

Hope that you are having a great week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Closet Fashionista said...

I've been such a slacker with comments! I blame moving, haha.
Anyway...that's such an interesting post! I definitely have a couple leeches in my closet, but just can't get rid of them.

Lydia said...

Sometimes I wonder what these designers are thinking when they knowingly choose a fabric that wrinkles the moment you put it on!
I usually never buy linen for that reason, but I got this pair of linen blend Lou & Grey pants and they are MAGIC. Even if they've been in a crumpled ball on my chair, after I put them on and wear them for a few minutes, the wrinkles ease themselves out. That said, I've got plenty of overly fussy things in my closet, a wrap top comes to mind, where I need both a cami under it, and a safety pin.

Jennifer_q85 said...

I love the idea of leeches in our closet. After having a child, I definitely have those pieces in my closet.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty