It's been a while

Black leggings Bershka - Black satin tunic oriental style Zara 

Burgundy flats French Soles 
What can I say, it's been a while.
We are in quarantine month number 5, it's surreal.
Hospitals, both public and private have collapsed, there is no space. 
Malls, car dealerships, schools, everything has been closed since March.
So yes it's hectic and there seems to no plan from the government.
My dear pup Canela passed away a few days ago, I cannot  begin to tell you how terrible it has been.
I am off now, hope to be back soon. 

June Closet Editions

I have been editing the closet and selling the items on my IG account. Here is what left the closet in June.

Brown leather Lancaster vintage hand bag, purchased in February 2018 for 13.00 USD worn at least 5 times, sold with a small profit.

This Swarovski mother of pearl and rhinestone necklace was worn maybe 5 times in 13 years, not enough, it was in its nice big blue box so I chose to let go. It was a gift from the Swarovski company for buyers from a convention I attended years ago. I remember when I got it, I was so excited! It was my fist Swarovski item ever.


Also edited an Antille Femme grey and orange buffalo print dress or shirt and the purple velvet blazer by George over 10 years old, worn about 6 times.  I sold them both with a profit.

Light lime green mules by Liz Claiborne purchased at the beginning of 2019, I never wore them, sold them with a profit. The navy dress Isaac Mizrahi for Target has been around since the beginning of the blog, worn very, very little, maybe twice since 2009. So I tried it on and it did not fit and if I have not worn it in 10 years and its tight, well, what are the odds of me wearing it any time soon?


The hammered silver ring and the extra large oval pink enamel were both gifts. I have worn them both but just decided it was time to let go.


The silver necklace with the mother of pearl ovals was a purchase of over 20 years ago, before I use to wear a lot of silver before and I have not worn it in a while. 
Also the Hello Kitty enamel earring and pendant were a purchase from a few years ago in Mexico City, I do not feel is my style any more. Both sold.


Hello Kitty silver earrings also purchased in Mexico, no longer worn. The same for the sun, moon and stars bracelet. Sold both. 

A purchase from February 2018 this cat print silk scarf by Laurel Burch, wore once in two years, sold with a profit.

I purchased this grey Prologue dress in March 2020 in a street market, wore it once and it was a bit tight on the back so I sold it with a profit. The grey sequin Michael Kors dress was purchased in April 2012 worn maybe once or twice, sold with a profit. The cherry dress was also from the March street market, wore it several times but it looked big and I always had to be tugging it, also sold it.


White vintage snake skin belt, it was a gift from my great aunt, last time I wore it was at least 3 years ago, I think it was the only time I ever wore it. The brown patent Miu Miu bow flats, worn once, they were a bit big. I chose to sell both items and they are currently in new homes.

Off white sailor top and the Alexis trousers were second hand items I picked up but never wore. The top I sold and the trousers I passed on to someone else.

I've had this cuff since at least 2009, I have worn it at least 6 times in these years but it is not something I grab often, so I decided to part ways with it. 

21 items for June.

Half 2020

Black leggings Bershka - Top Style Mafia 

Burgundy flats French Soles

We are in mid 2020 and we have been locked up for 4 months. At the moment we do not have any idea of when this will end.