The Backstabber

Light blue denim skirt In Style, almost identical - Zebra print heels Bershka, similar
White button shirt Forever 21, similar - Black tote bag Furla, similar under 35.00 USD 
Black leather belt with silver tone padlock buckle Michael Kors, similar smaller version 

A few days ago I read Ally's post on toxic relationships we may have with out closets. It resonated with me, I accept having emotional attachment to some items. It also reasoned because I was able to identify some of those toxic garments in my closet, as seen in yesterday's post, "the critic" or today with "the backstabber".

As Ally best says, "the backstabber" is a garment that "appears to be a good friend to others but doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated". Yep, its one of those items on the must have list,  as Ally mentions "items every chic woman should have in her wardrobe but never seem to work for your body or your lifestyle".

This new-to-me midi denim skirt fits right in. Because in 2018 we're supposed to own a lighter wash denim skirt with some flare and look good in it. I got the first half right: I own it! The second part: looking good in it, not so. I tried it on with so many things before heading out the door it was tiring. The skirt was big, the length was off- and to top it off I saw it had a stain and a hole on the seam.

The backstabber is already in a giveaway bag. I wish I had been that radical with flesh and bone backstabbers as I was with this skirt. 

Any backstabbers in your closet?


amely rose said...

the skirt is so lovely :)
Such a cool and casual look.
Amazing combination my dear.

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Sheila said...

You mean "resonated" not "reasoned" here. :)

I love the length of the skirt, but yeah, it's not quite right. I loved Ally's article - thanks for linking!

I think I might have a couple of backstabbers! They are not going to survive my closet for long, though!

Lydia said...

I don't hate the skirt, but anything you don't feel your best in does not deserve to take up space in your closet.

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

I have a few "the backstabber" in my wardrobe, most ot them I know well. Some ot them I sold this year, some I got rid (trash), but some are waiting on next order in the closet. The problem are time and money to change all of those kind of items, to buy new, better ones. I dont earn on my blog too much, so I not going on invest on ideally closet.

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look super cute and comfy!

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Me chifla la falda y el cinturón es una monada también

Mica said...

Yes, I really want a denim skirt like this as you say it's suddenly one of the 'must have' wardrobe pieces, but I know it won't work for me, I find skirts tricky to wear around the boys unless they are maxi length, and it's a little too casual for the office, so it's not a piece for me! Maybe you can find another skirt aht works better for you! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Natalie S said...

En mi opinión the way you styled it was great! Me encanta la falda y la correa!

Dressed With Soul said...

I'm surprised you put this skirt in a giveaway bag as I like it and also how you have styled it. And Ally's post is so true!
xx Rena

highlatitudestyle said...

Great skirt and styling. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style party