The Hot One

Jeans Zara, amost identical here
Blue off shoulder print top Estampa, similar here 
Mini mandala beaded necklace, similar here

Light blue bow flats Gio Zanottti, similar -
Hand bag Southport Avenue Linda by Kate Spade in "flame" color, here in blue and cream 

A few days ago I read Ally's post on toxic relationships we may have with out closets. It resonated with me, I accept having emotional attachment to some items. I was able to identify some of those toxic garments in my closet, as seen earlier with "the critic", the backstabber" or "the leech".

As Ally best says, "the hot one" is a garment that amongst other things "is really pretty and gets you compliments". That piece that is beautiful, bold but does not really go with much of your closet.

Who's the hot one? The hot one is this big, beautiful, bright, tassel bearer, bold heavy-as-hell-when-empty-bag.

This heavy beauty was an on line purchase from when I subscribed to the Kate Spade newsletter. I remember loving the color, the shape how it looked on the model in the website's picture. It was a costly purchase that I remember calling an investment. Worn about 15 times in 5 years, it was not.

The hot one is not going anywhere yet, but I don't wear it much because its not just massive but so damn heavy. Almost like a burden that you willingly and almost happily carry around.

Any hotties in your closet?

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Mica T said...

Loving your new hair! :)

I really like that bag too, although I know that eventually the heavy bags all leave my wardrobe haha!

Hope that you are having a lovely week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

I actually wondered if "the hot one" was your off-the-shoulder top, because you look smokin' hot in it!!

Oh, that is a pet peeve with me: bags that are super heavy even before you put stuff in them. I'm sure I have a few "hot ones" in my closet. I will have to really give everything a once-over soon to make sure I'm not hanging onto things.

Loving this series of yours, Lorena!

backinstyle said...

This post is so timely, because yesterday, I removed an Aldo bag from my closet, for the very same reason. I love the way it looks, but it is heavy and has heavy hardware on it. I have dumped everything out of it and switched to a lighter bag on one too many mornings-it has left my closet!

Miguel Gouveia said...

thanks :D

great look :D

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Laura Bambrick said...

Your hair is adorable like that! I am loving the new style! And your top is fabulous on you!

Shea Sayers said...

I love this idea, and now I'm trying to think about what would be the "hot one" in my closet. I can see why this bag is it--it is GORGEOUS, and I love the color and tassel detail. Too bad it's so heavy! I also love that top, it looks so great on you!

Courtney Erin said...

It's too bad it's so heavy because it really is a stunning piece - the colour is perfect!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Straight A Style said...

Such a pretty bag! I do hate it when they are heavy though as it makes them hard to carry. Love your hair!!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style