July Closet Editions

This month I had very few edits, without further ado:  A blue stripe button down shirt from Lacoste, worn maybe 5 times, I always felt like the button was about to pop, so it's going to the consignment shop. My Custo Barcelona bow top was a pricey purchase but looking back I've worn it maybe 6 times and always the exact same way: white or black trousers. I don't need a uniform, off to the consignment shop it goes. The last top is another grey polo from Lacoste, I do not feel comfortable in as its too tight. 


From the jeans department goes this Level 99 pair. I bought it without trying on, wore it 3 times and then just gave up. It looked bad. My pair of grey Converse like sneakers by H&M also left the closet as they begun to fall apart. Bought them in Amsterdam back in 2013, wore them briefly. 


Finally two leather handbags, the metallic satchel from Stella Rittwagen and my bright Kate Spade. I figured I'd let them go to a new home, as I have several closets at home packed with handbags and I just realised I cannot have that many, it's not manageable.


7 Items in one month. How are your closet edits coming along?


Sheila said...

The silver bag surprises me, but I've had ones like that with really thick stiff leather, and they are not all that practical (and it can hurt your hand to try to get into the pockets!).

I tossed a few pairs of shoes yesterday, and have weeded out a couple of things. My skirts are getting sparser as I accumulate more trousers, I've noticed. I need to thin out my dresses (again). Another 2 months of my spring/summer wardrobe - I'll do a bigger cull then.

Mica T said...

I'm sad to see the bags go, I'm always adding more to my collection and letting few go, haha! Better to have space for something you love though! :)

I haven't gotten rid of many things from my wardrobe lately - some tights that were worn but that's it, not very exciting!

Away From The Blue Blog

backinstyle said...

Those are two great bags, I would have trouble letting them go! If you don't love them, it's nice to circulate them, though. I'm not doing much closet editing right now. By September I think I will be motivated to cull, when the seasons start to change.