July Additions to the Closet

Reiss dress with a 230.00 USD price tag, I paid 1.07 USD 
Maurizio Pecoraro Skirt 
Paola Cahen d'Anvers skirt 
Red tie dye skirt and blazer by Gigli, 3.21 USD 


Three cool dresses.
For all of the above I paid 1.07 USD per item.

Dooney & Burke 13.95 USD
Cristian Italian vintage hand bag 7.50
Straw hand bag 4.30 USD
Brown, black and blue vintage houndstooth print bow blouse (no brand, Angel View consignment) 5.35 USD and Pink Tartan, fringe bow blouse  for 8.60 USD.


Two vintage silk scarves, the blue and red with no brand name was 1.07 USD and the oversized flower print is vintage Oscar de La Renta, 3.21 USD.

Not pictured: Marni top 5.35 USD and Blue shirt HDM.

57.89 USD

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Sheila said...

Marni for that cheap?? How do you do it!?