June edits

Let's edit, just this time with the brain and not the heart.  
Out goes my new denim flare skirt from In Style, it had an odd length, was a bit big, had a hole and a yellow paint stain at the seam. At 1.07 USD CPW, it was worth the try.
Also out is this Byblos brand Italian made tulip skirt purchased in 2016. I  never wore it, tried it one at least 5 times, I just gave up on it. 


Also out of the closet are this bright see through top, brand seems to read J-Teal it been around since at least 2010 and now the neckline seems faded. Also gone is a blue and white polk dot sweater from Liz Claiborne, here you can see how it was worn to 0.75 cents CPW. 
The vintage silk turquoise top I bought a few months ago had tiny holes and it fit kind of slouchy. But I loved the color, about a 0.50 cent CWP is ok.
Two black dresses: 
A side drape sleeveless black one from MNG Mango which I only wore once here. It was a bit big as I got it for free from my cousin's Marie Kondo edit months ago, now it's on the way to the consignment shop.
A long sleeve velvet dress from Anne Klein, I bought this dress in September 2015 and it hung there until the end of 2017 when I wore to an event here, it never appeared on the blog (CPW 21.40 USD). It looked and felt one size too big. I did not love it enough to have it altered.This velvet dress is actually already in the consignment shop.


Also already consigned are my Adolfo Dominguez sandals purchased in 2014, worn just over 8 times in 4 years, at 1.87 USD CPW I thought it was time to let go. The ankle straps seemed somewhat big and I did not wear them enough.
Same goes for the vintage Emanuel Ungaro belt. I bought it in March 2018 but it was a size smaller than what I normally wear. Hopefully I can get my 2.14 USD back :) 


Nine items out this month.

How are your closet edits coming along ?


backinstyle said...

I am going to miss that navy and white polka dot pullover! My closet is also due for some serious editing. Meanwhile, you provide inspiration for me to add to the box in my closet where I put "possible" edits, things that are continually passed over. Have a great weekend!

Sheila said...

You'll see my ginormous pile of clothes that I gave away this past weekend! So I'm doing really well. ;-P

Good edits from your closet - I like the black velvet dress, but if you weren't wearing it, then out it goes!