Give up jeans

Jeans Level 99, identical - White tee shirt Theory - Brown hand bag Balzane Longchamp, from the brand under 60.00 USD

Vintage houndstooth mini scarf as bracelet, similar  - Bee Happy blue flats C. Wonder

I bought these jeans a few months ago without trying them on and when I did try them on, they did not fit. They were too tight and I was upset and forgot to return them. Then I shed some pounds and they fit. I was happy they fit but they still did not look good, I wanted for them to look like they look on the model
I've worn them three times including today and they just do not look good on me, but I keep on trying. After today's look, I might just give up on them. 

What was the last garment from your closet you gave up on ? Why ?


Sheila said...

As you so often tell me, "If you're not feeling it...". :) Toss those jeans! You deserve to feel like a model in jeans!

I can't remember the last thing I gave up on, but I'm sure it was recent. Constantly editing...

PhotosbyCris said...

If you don't like them give up and get a new pair When buying try them on and buy the one you love xoxo Cris

Laura Bambrick said...

I think it's especially important to feel good in jeans because we wear them so often in casual settings. There are so many options when it comes to them too. Hopefully you can find just the right pair for you!

Mica T said...

I can't buy jeans without trying them on! I find pants were always hard to find being petite, but now with my mum-tum it's even trickier!

I agree if you aren't enjoying them, definitely best to let them go! :)

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Nancy's Fashion Style Blog said...

Mmm, I think a longer skirt. I didn't like the length. You have to feel good in clothing!

Straight A Style said...

Jeans are so hard to shop for. I am impressed you bought them without trying them on. I would be too scared!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style