CPW: 0.75 cents



I am currently editing the closet ! and as you can imagine after seeing the above blue Liz Claiborne polka dot sweater it's time to let go. After four years in the closet and taking the cost per wear to 0.75 cents it's time to let go. Also, the last few times I wore it the round neck seemed too open and the sweater a bit baggy. Are you currently editing the closet?


Mica said...

It's a beautiful jumper and it's great you got a good cost per wear from it! :)

Shame you're letting it go, it still looks good in the pics but it does sound like it would be frustrating to wear if it feels a bit stretched out.

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! It's really cold here and one of the boys is unwell so it will be another quiet one for us!

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Sheila said...

Constantly editing my closet! I'm wearing polka dots today, btw. You know when it's time for something to go - and bagging/stretching is a good reason to say goodbye.

Happy weekend, my dear friend!

backinstyle said...

I should be editing my closet, right now ;) Your polka dot sweater was a great purchase, it had a long run in your wardrobe. I find subtle black and white prints to be so versatile and easy to mix and match, as you've illustrated!

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Fortunately I sold 20-30 items in last weeks, so I gain space in my wardobes :). Hm, This sweatr is nice, especialy with white skirt (first look in 2nd row - great!). Ok, but You used it so many times. Even the best clothes have limited lifetime. But You know, I have a lot of items from 60-80's, from France, and I am not going to get rid them, they are good quality (wool blazers or sweaters) event today.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I'm always trying to edit my closet because I always seem to be adding new stuff..ha ha!
And there is a time that things get worn out and just don't fit us the same anymore!! But at least you got your money's worth!!