Brown skirt moves on

Brown skirt no brand - Brown snake print shirt New York & Co. - Suede shoes Breckelle's - Brown bag Madison Coach

The first picture was taken in the morning and the second in the afternoon before going home. Afternoon pictures seem to capture the garment's real colours. In the first picture the skirt looks black when its actually dark brown. Including today, this brown skirt has been worn four times since it was purchased in 2011. It feels tight and too short, both are words that should not describe any garment that you wear to work ! 
You can see how it was worn in 2011 here and then twice here in 2014  and here,  at 1.07 USD per wear, it's ready to move on to someone else's closet. 

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August Closet edits

Closet edits always get me excited, the idea of a curated closet is appealing and for me its part of the process. Here are my closet editions for the month of August. 
Kirna Zabete for Target pleather skirt, it was a shame how the material did not survive, CPW 2.85 USD.
Blue To The Max pencil skirt, just 5 wears and around since 2010, it was constraining as it did not have a slit and also the waist was big but the hip area was tight. Off it goes. 
A grey Calvin Klein skirt, just one wear, it was big and even though I tried belting it to appear paper bag like, it did not work. One wear, CPW 1.07 USD seems ok.  
My black skirt jumper skirt by PuntoCom, around for at least seven years worn just twice and I did not love either wear. Off it goes. 

The Monet print dress as I call it had not been worn in probably a decade, after wearing it and realising it was too short, this Monster Girl dress is ready for a new life and it's been dropped off for consignment. 

The purple lace dress was not worn in the last seven or even more years. This Lovely Day USA brand dress was worn twice in the last weeks and something felt off. I think it was too short and I had to constantly worry about the shoulders slipping off and the bra strap showing. So, now its gone.
This body hugging black long sleeve Zara dress was worn once at least eight years ago and then once last week. It was too body hugging and it had to be layered because the chest area was too revealing. It was too much work to wear, I need easy pieces.
I last wore this blue dress in 2009, its from Charlotte Russe, then I wore it again at the beginning of August. It was too short, neckline was low and I realised the elastic on the shoulder had stretched out. 

My brown luxe velvet dress from Isaac Mizrahi. I've worn this dress only twice in seven years. Those two times were layered here and then here, both in 2010. I tried it on several times since but I gained weight and even though I could zip it up it was tight and the velvet would be torn. Before that happens I prefer to let it go and have it find a new owner. 

The Eileen Fisher rust color cardigan had several holes, I have no idea how this happened. The white jeans were one of my most worn items over the years but its begun to yellow and I am on the hunt for a new pair. The grey print dress was an item I've had since 2011, wore twice, CPW 4.27 USD and it did not really do anything for me.
This white polka dot shirt from Available has been around for over ten years, how's that ? It's been to so many places I've lost count. The front part has some wear and its thinning, I have record of wearing it at least eight times on the blog. It's a garment I have actually been stopped in the street for, a girl in St. Thomas island asked where it was from. 
Another polka dot item is this blue blouse, before its last wear a few days ago I had worn it last in 2010. Here the shirt felt snug and the elastic had also stretched, so off it goes.   

Oddly these two items: the CH tote bag and the black Mary Jane flats were purchased together years ago during a vacation to Greece. They were purchased in the same place just minutes apart and now they're leaving the closet together. The bag, well it was an impulse buy and its a fake, I am over these now. The black leather flats I bought as my feet were beat, I wore them a lot back in the day and then suddenly stopped. Off they go.

A yellow flower brooch, worn very little, it had small stains on it. A caramel belt that is peeling but got some wear in the past and finally the rust color cuff, which as you can see is quite worn. 

19 items out the closet.

New in August

A total of 8 items came into the closet this month. Four were free, one was thrifted, one was from a street market and the remaining two were on sale.
Free: A black and red shawl, a gift from a friend who bought it in Spain. Kayden K jeans free from my cousin's closet edit.
Burgundy tassel earrings and blue striped shirtdress Yoko Girl brand, both courtesy of Zaful.

Black wide leg trousers made in Spain from Zara, thrifted for 1.07 USD. If they were made in Spain they're probably quite old.

Brown croc slides purchased in the Guembe market in Managua for 24.00 USD.  Zara mustard suede pumps on sale for 16.00 USD and zebra print flats Sperry Topsider also on sale for 16.05 USD.

57.12 total for August, how much did you spend this month ?

Cardi hole

NYDJ jeans - White linen tank top vintage St. Michael's - Rust color cardigan Eileen Fisher, almost identical here
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, here - Brown bag Madison Coach, similar - Green wedges Valentino, identical in brown here 

Vintage rust flower print scarf - Vintage mother of pearl buckle, identical here - Rust enamel cuff 

Another unworn item post. This time it's a rust tone cardigan that dates to 2011. Worn 8 times in 6 years, I've taken CPW to about 1.06 USD.  I was surprised to see this cardigan had several holes in it. I have no idea how this happened, it was just hanging in the closet...  

Last wear

Printed grey dress no brand - Yellow and grey pumps Kelsey Dagger - Grey bag Salvatore Ferragamo - Yellow flower brooch

As you may have noticed I have been wearing non worn dresses. Yep, dresses that have been hanging in the closet unworn, some for almost ten years. That's a lot of time. This lightweight grey print dress is one of them, worn last here in 2011, its one of those items that I wonder why I even purchased. Its clingy, the print does not drive me crazy and the fabric is thin and has some shine to it.  It's its last wear.

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The Striped Shirtdress

Striped dress Yoko Girl, identical here - Yellow heels Tsubo - Brown tote bag Madison Coach - White patent vintage belt 

I've wanted a striped shirtdress for a while, but after my shopping ban I have been focusing on editing the closet, not adding.
But, sometime in May I got an email from Zaful offering to check their site and pick something in exchange for a product review. It seemed like a great opportunity to try products from this website.  So I began browsing, they had so many great items at fair prices. I originally wanted this tee shirt, but it was sold out. Then I saw the this striped shirtdress, it was just what I had in mind. 
After placing the order, it then took three months to arrive, but it did. The dress came in a flat plastic envelope and was really, really wrinkled. The fabric was nice and the bottom part of the dress was lined which is always a plus.
After I had it professionally ironed the dress took a new life. Now, I wish this dress had pockets and also wish it was not so high waisted. I ordered a large, following the size chart but its snug at the chest. So I guess if I had to order it again it would be a XL size.  This was the only garment I ordered and if I had to rate it from 1 to 10 it would be probably a 6, but mostly because of the sizing issue. Have you ordered anything from Zaful ? What has your experience been like ? 

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Purple lace dress Lovely Day USA - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti - Brown tote bag Madison Coach 


I have a soft spot for vintage anything. I also have a special place in my heart for the neighbourhood I grew up in and have the blessing to still live in. Being accustomed to 1940s homes in my surroundings, its no surprise I feel to close to them, like they are all old acquaintances. Like any friend, I appreciate them for many reasons. In this case, this unique home has a front porche with spiral columns, concrete baluster balcony, art deco lamps and hand painted floors. There is no other like it in the area, unfortunately its in really bad shape and apparently being used just for storage.
As I was going to the cleaners to pick up some garments I went by it and had to stop because I don't know for how much longer it will be there as skyscrapers take over, one home at a time. 

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Real and fake

Black dress Missoni - Zebra print flats Sperry Topsider - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino - Prada Baroque sunglasses

Gold amethyst and garnet ring, similar - Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra inspired ring, original here

While growing up you would have never caught me wearing anything other than gold pieces. In my teens I opted out of gold to try costume jewellery but it was usually limited to earrings like these hoops which were very trendy then. Silver pieces where unheard of, considered hippie like and not even contemplated as jewellery. Gold was the only thing to wear.
Along the way, probably after college I began experimenting with costume jewellery, some beaded necklaces and when Ricky Martin started wearing the wood bracelets and it became a trend, of course I had one too. However, even then I did not mix. I did not think that my precious gold could mix with the common goods. A long time has passed since then, the way I see things has changed and also the way I dress. Never in a million years I would have worn an amethyst ring with a stainless steel fake version of the Alhambra ring. However, today I am wearing them and right next to each other. And I love it because I am stepping out of my very own box.
What are you doing today, when it comes to jewellery or accessories, that you would have not done in the past ?