Blue dress Charlotte Russe - Red tote bag Victorinox - Straw hat 

Walking around bright white domes, blue skies... it's the colonial city of León in Nicaragua, specifically the roof top of the colonial church of Asunción.

The moment I stepped barefoot (you're asked to remove your shoes) on the white floor and looked up, I was totally in awe. 
The bright whiteness reminded me of a white field of snow, being on a cloud or a sight of Mykonos, although I've never been to Mykonos. 

The sole idea of discovery was a thrill. 
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Outfit Globalisation

Black and white polka dot pleat skirt and top Liz Claiborne, similar skirt here and here - Black cardigan H&M, similar  
Red velvet heels Melissa similar - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical here and here 

As mentioned yesterday I packed polka dots and flower brooches for this business trip. Today it was all about this two piece set that actually looks like a dress. Its easy to wear, does not need to be ironed and fits marvellously well. Interestingly, the polka dot top and skirt were hand me downs, the red velvet shoes I bought in Brasil, the flower brooch is from an artisan market in Buenos Aires, the cardigan (made in China) bought at H&M during a NYC trip, the bag, the newest of them all, a Moschino quilted bucket bag was purchased in Panama. Talk about outfit globalisation.

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Polka dot travel capsule

Black trousers - Blue polka dot shirt - Black cardigan H&M - Blue flower brooch - Taupe heels Breckelle's -
Quilted bucket bag Love Moschino 

When packing for my trip to Managua I thought I would focus on polka dots and flower brooches as a theme for my travel capsule.  First of all because I love polka dots, second I have not worn them in a while and third they all worked with my black cardigan. As for the flower brooches, I figured they would distract anyone from paying attention to me wearing the same black cardigan day after day. Tricks of the trade ;) 
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I am the first to admit its been ages since I got a "blogger award" however it was really nice to receive one as it reminded me of when I began blogging years ago and to keep that spirit alive I will happily abide.

The Unique Blogger Award Rules:

1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you :


2. Answer the questions ask by the person who nominated you;

My answers to Cris:

*. If you could pick a person anywhere in time and in history to have a 30 minute conversation. Who would you pick? 
It would probably be a relative I did not meet, a great grandfather or great-great grandmother.

**. If you could change 1 thing in the world. What would it be?
Stop the production of plastic.

***. What makes you happy? 
Achieving goals.

Feel free to choose an answer and leave your reply.

Travel trips I learned the hard way..

My job demands some traveling through an extensive region which is the main reason I am frequently on the road. My last trips include Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua. A few years ago for a guest post I put together a list of travel tips, based on experience, some of which I learned the hard way.

1. Take a summer scarf with you. Helps on planes when it gets too cold. If it rains you can cover your hair, if its too sunny you can also cover up. It can even double as a skirt. Possibilities are endless. It's the one item you won't regret packing. In Morocco my scarf kept sand out of my mouth.

2. Pack your sunglasses. They make you instantly chic. Cover your tired eyes. Protect your eyes from the sun.  In colder climates they keep your eyes from drying up while your are out walking. If your hair is not having a good day, they help you keep it in place as it doubles as a head band.

3. Take a secure taxi or where possible an Uber. If you have more than one bag to take care of as you arrive your destination don't take the metro or you might end up like me in Paris, robbed at the first metro station - because I wanted to save a few € or like in Colombia where taking a random taxi in the street made me pray like never before. Do not expose yourself.

4. Take deo, toothbrush, underwear and top in your carry on bagSo you won't end up like me, sleeping in someone else's piyamas, borrowing a top from a complete stranger and wearing the same underwear 2 days in a row after sleeping on the floor of the Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic.

5. Pack small valuables, like earrings, in your carry on hand bag. So you won't get them stolen from a checked bag like me on a trip back home from Caracas, Venezuela where they also stole my perfume, toothpaste and deodorant!

6. Take a big light fabric tote with you. It does not take precious space in your bag and comes in really handy. Worked marvels for me in the Barcelona, Buenos Aires, anywhere... Pick pockets are not too fond of these as you keep them close to your body. First place in it your wallet and camera, so it's at the bottom of the bag. You can throw in there a bottle of water and your scarf, also throw in any small purchases. So your hands are free :)

7. Common sense. If you're not going to do it at home, don't do it elsewhere ;) 

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Not a goal

High waisted black skirt PuntoCom - Black and white Hello Kitty print top Forever 21   

Black quilted bucket bag Moschino - Black velvet pumps Juicy Couture
The high waisted skirt makes one last appearance, because as I said here the idea of it hanging in the closet unworn for over seven years is not acceptable and not a closet goal. Although I am not sure what my closet goals are, items that take up space and collect dust is not one of them. 
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Wear enough

Blue pencil skirt To The Max, similar - Burgundy printed vintage blouse Regatta - Yellow shoes Tsubo - Doctor's bag Venezia

Sometimes when I come across a garment I have not worn in a while I just ask myself if I don't wear it enough why it's still around. Like this blue pencil skirt which dates back to 2010 worn 4 times in 7 years. It's certainly a classic but the waist is big and the hips not much. The slit in the back is rather small for the length of the skirt which makes it a bit restraining when it comes to walking or getting into the car. So the odds are it's also going to the give away pile, although I'll probably give it one more try.
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Black velvet procrastination

Black velvet trousers Express, similar - Triangle print vintage blouse - Burgundy booties Nine West, similar - Doctor bag Venezia 

Guess what I found in my closet, altered to fit yet never worn ? A pair of black velvet trousers from Express. Purchased in December and worn until August, how's that for procrastination ? 

Adieu mon jupe

Black pleather skirt Kirna Zabete for Target - Bow print button down shirt Forever 21 
Black cap toe flats Zara - Doctor bag Venezia

If you've been around these last days, you know I've been going through my closet wearing and editing along the way. Today's item is a black pleather skirt that dates back to September 2013 when it was purchased. Great price, marvellous fit, yet it was only worn twice and then put back in the closet until today. I am pretty sure I've mentioned how hot and humid where I live is and well it resulted in my pleather skirt literally cracking and peeling while I was wearing it. I kept looking at it and wondering if it would make it through the day. It barely did

Adieu mon jupe, good bye skirt.

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