New in the Closet: July

July brought some interesting items into the closet, starting with two vintage silk scarves which I came across as I dropped off items at a consignment shop. One was a huge 1990's Moschino Larioseta Como scarf for 13.90 USD, the other, a long fuchsia striped Escada Sport for 7.50 USD. I kept on saying to myself that I did not need them but as I ran my fingertips on the thin hand sewn hems I just headed for the cashier and paid for them. I knew I'd regret it if I did not buy they right there and then. What would you have done ? 

Another fabulous thrift was this black sleeveless dress with a ruffle down one side, it's by Red Valentino and was just 19.26 USD. 
Another thrift store find was this fabulous grey leather suede belt with a rich caramel hue wooden buckle. It seems to be from a store in Japan as the original price was marked in Yen. My cost was 3.21 USD, the quality is superb.

A big colourful tote with leather straps La Pedrera Gaudí, a gift from my friend in Barcelona. 

A vintage marcasite and silver dragonlfy brooch from my great aunt. 
Total spent this month was 43.87 USD.
Seven months into the year, I've spent less than two hundred dollars in clothing, shoes, accessories. I could not be more pleased. How about you ? What's your YTD estimate money spent on clothing ? 

July's Closet Editions

This month I edited eleven items from my closet, here's what left:

Nine West black patent envelope bag purchased for 15.99 in 2011, worn at least 8 times at 1.78 CPW. The patent got dark and lost its shine and in addition to that the bag strap's clasp broke.
Arena Milano bag dates from at least 2010, worn at least 48 times, I don't wear it anymore and the color of the bag changed from its original light grey to a yellowish shade I don't like.
The rust shade Pagani bag dates from April 2011. When I re discovered it a few weeks ago it was full of furry mold, it took some really deep and serious cleaning. Over the years, its been worn at least 11 times, taking it to about 0.99 cents per wear. Not worn in recent years, I'm passing it on. 

A short sleeve vertical line jacket from Nathalie B. worn very little, a ruffle tee shirt from Talbots purchased in April 2012 CPW is about 1.00 USD and Active USA sweater tee shirt that was too clingy.
A black tube top used for layering is also out the door. Same as the three pairs of earrings below. If you notice, they are the same style: hanging, hook, oval. All of these came with a necklace and kind of hung around because of it. Sure I wore them, but briefly and certainly if I had to buy them today I would not.
Finally, my Sam Edelman nude heels purchased in October 2014, worn about 30 times, taking CPW to about 1.64 USD. It was a shame they fell apart. I loved these shoes. They were comfortable but them upper top part of them vamp, you can see it in the picture, just seemed to separate. It's about my third or fourth pair this happens to. Says a lot about the quality of a shoe, a shoe that originally sold for 115.00 USD. How are your closet edits coming along ? 

To high waist or not

Black high waist skirt jumper Punto Com - White button down polka dot shirt Available - Nude heels Flexi - Doctor's bag Venezia 

Its the end of July 2017 and I am totally clueless on wether high waisted anything is trending or not. I've lost track of trends and not only do they always come back but are in and out in the blink of an eye. In the midst of it all, I am sticking to what I like. This super high waisted skirt was a recent find. A recent find from my very own closet, where believe it or not, its been hanging for at least 7 years unworn. Yeah. I could not find one single picture of it since I began to blog. I remember trying it on a few years ago and it being too tight for me to feel comfortable enough to wear, so it went right back. This time around I'm wearing it to see how I feel in it. Looking at it, it seems a bit Mickey Mousey because of the extra large buttons in the front. Also, the fabric has a bit of shine I am not too keen on and the shoulder straps fall in the wrong place. Yet, I am willing to give it another try. 

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If Jackie Kennedy had a blog

I admit having spent copious amount of time admiring Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis' style. Jackie O' is always referred to as a "style icon" and while there are plenty of those around today, her name is always on top of the list. So, after a lot of research I'd like to share ten style commandments Jackie O' would have given us if she had a blog:

1. No cleavage, Yes interesting necklines.
Image via Pinterest

Some of you may think "sure, she could not with a 32A bra size..." 
regardless, she was not seen revealing her bosom. Not even in a 
bathing suit, she kept covered. The most cleavage I could find she 
showed was in this 1956 picture.

With or without accessories, she kept her neck game interesting 
with bateau / boat necks, round, turtleneck and some in "v" style. 
For formal gowns the necklines were usually straight across and 
sweetheart and later on in life, one shoulder gowns. Interestingly 
enough, I have yet to see a picture of her in a halter 
(if you have please let me know). 

2. Sunglasses

Always spectacularly oversized. Its said she kept a bowl close to the door where she had several pairs and always grabbed one before heading out. Jackie often chose French designers in her eyewear, as these 3203 by Nina Ricci or various models from François Pinton.  Oh, and she was also known to buy identical pairs several colours as black and brown tortoise shell. 

Image via Pinterest
3. Scarves

Sometimes knotted at the neck, others on the head, she wore them tastefully.  One of my favourite looks is the one to the left. I have yet to be able to tie a scarf around my neck and have it look this good. It's not just to wear it but to know how to.

4. Pearls

She was commonly seen in two or three strand pearl necklaces, usually "choker" length. While she also wore pearl earrings and brooches, her necklaces are the ones we remember most. Oh, and they don't have to be real, most of hers were fake, even the famous 19 inch triple strand which sold for over 210,000.00 USD !

Image via Pinterest
5. Coordinates: 

Wether it was skirt+jacket+pillbox hat combo or just a matching shirt 
with scarf like the one on the right, she made them work. 
She always matched. 

6. Never over accessorised

There was not a single picture where I could see that she was overdone. 
She was always "just right". I have yet to see a picture where I think 
"she could have done without..... "

7. Shoes

In her First Lady days her shoes were never super high heels. Sure, she wore heels but they usually balanced the rest of the outfit. Jackie was very specific when ordering shoes to her personal shopper Marita, as seen in her letters, where she draws what she wants, refers to a specific vamp and requires the shoes to be "timeless". When it came to sandals, she wore them magically! Not an easy task. Oh and did you know she wore a 10A shoe size ? 

8. Lips

According to Jackie's cosmetologist, Peter Lamas, when it came to lipsticks bold colours were not her thing. She opted for pale pinks and nudes, keeping it natural. I also read that she would usually match her dress to her lipstick, even if it was red. I prefer to go with Lamas' assessment. 

Image via Pinterest

9. Good posture  

Style not only has to do with what you wear but also with how you carry yourself. She had good posture, I am amazed at the many gracious photographs you can find of her where her body language exudes grace, its all thanks to that comportment.  

10.  Style is ageless 

Elements that imply style are simply beyond any age. So its something we're never too young or too old for. 

Regretful purchases

Printed green dress Collective Concepts - Brown flats Franco Sarto - Colorful straw bag, similar 

Regretful for not purchasing or for purchasing ? Which one are you guilty of ? I did a quick check of my 2017 purchases year to date here and I actually have no regretful purchases so far ! I have not returned any items and have actually been very conscious about what enters my closet.  
The dress I am wearing today, I am guessing is one of my cousin's "regretful buys" as it was one of the many garments I got from her a few weeks ago (here) when I picked up two bag loads of clothes from her house. I am wearing it for the first and last time today. Although I love the print and length, I had to tug on the top part which was too sheer for my style. The shell earrings are also going to the give away bag, they are part of a necklace+earring set, but get little wear.
So, I am waiting to hear what are you regretful for purchasing or not ?
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Recipe for Instant Style

Black trousers - White plumetti or "Swiss dot" bell sleeve top Stradivarius - Nude heels Flexi - Venezia Doctor's bag

I stayed away from nude heels for years. Then all of the sudden in October 2014, as I was preparing for a trip, I came across not one but two pairs of nude heels I actually liked. One of them was by Sam Edelman which I edited this month as the throat of the vamp (you're gonna have to google "anatomy of a shoe" or just look here) fell apart. The other is the one I am wearing today in a super simple look that always seems to work: black bottom+light top+nude heels. I think I just figured a recipe for instant style ;)  What's your recipe for instant style ?
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Clothes sets

Jeans Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ - Printed top Escada Sport vintage - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti - Bag Venezia

Several weeks ago I spotted this odd looking blouse at the consignment store. Turned out it was vintage Escada Sport and it came with a matching skirt, from the label, I would day its probably early 90's.  Anyways, I tried the top on and the weird clown like collar seemed totally appealing. I could tighten the ribbon and wear as I am today or let is loose and wear as an off the shoulder top or even backwards. Now, the skirt is another story, it was two sizes bigger than the top and I did not like it, but the top's appeal was such that I bought the set anyway. The skirt has moved on to another consignment store. Today is this top's first wear. 
Have you bought sets just because you like one of the pieces ? 
Its actually the second time I am drawn to purchase a two piece set just to keep one of the items. 

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The Perla Print Wrap Vest

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York- Black flats Vera Wang Lavender 

Houndstooth print vest Classiques Entier - Doctor's bag Venezia  
From a once upon a time Nordstrom sale comes this dainty houndstooth print vest. The Classiques Entier vest is of superb quality, its thick, marvellously lined, great fabric... but I have yet to wear it a way I really love and feel good in. 
While fabric is luxuriously thick, it feels chunky when I wear it. So chunky in fact that I dare not even try to tie the vegan leather sash it came with, because it makes me feel like a sausage. A well dressed sausage if I may add.

I have worn it before with black culottes and also jeans and a tee... maybe I should try it with a skirt, shorts or a dress ? What do you think ? 


Oh, and just in case you are wondering, yes, I went on to google images of other women (models and bloggers) wearing the vest for inspiration and here is what I found:

                            Images above via Nordstrom's site                                                    Image via  The Classy Cubicle 

I want to know what you think.

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First to..

Brown button skirt Zara - Leopard print shirt Antillia Femme - Cap toe flats Zara 

Black vintage belt Celine Paris - Doctor bag Venezia - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
I'm the first to trash my very own looks and very seldom do I praise how something turns out. This, not only in my choice of wear but also in everyday life. So, today for a change, I'll say I like how this simple look turned out. Specially considering I originally questioned the flats...

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The Joy of Mixing

Fuchsia and green vintage Escada blazer, identical via Poshmark here  -  Gingham shirt from J. Crew here 
White jeans Red Valentino - Doctor's bag Venezia - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole 

A vintage designer blazer, a thrifted shirt, a bag from a trip abroad, a belt from a discount store, sunglasses from TJMaxx... this is what I call the joy of mixing. Mixing vintage and current, designer and fast fashion and making it your own. What are your favourite mixes ?
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The Underbuyer

Blue striped long sleeve tee shirt Stradivarius - Jeans Red Valentino - Doctor's bag Venezia - Brown espadrilles from Spain

Most comfortable shoe ever: my brown espadrilles from Spain, similar here, here and here in a lighter shade.

After reading this interesting piece I've come to understand that I am "under buyer" when it comes to toiletries. I avoid stocking up on products, unless, of course I find a very unusual Chanel product sale. I like to use up one entire bottle of perfume before going on the next one. The same for creams, lotions, shampoos, hair products... and yes, I also love the unusual yet apparently common feeling of "conquest" once I finish a product to its last drop and take an #empties shot and post in on my Instagram. Which one are you and under or over buyer ?
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