July's Closet Editions

This month I edited eleven items from my closet, here's what left:

Nine West black patent envelope bag purchased for 15.99 in 2011, worn at least 8 times at 1.78 CPW. The patent got dark and lost its shine and in addition to that the bag strap's clasp broke.
Arena Milano bag dates from at least 2010, worn at least 48 times, I don't wear it anymore and the color of the bag changed from its original light grey to a yellowish shade I don't like.
The rust shade Pagani bag dates from April 2011. When I re discovered it a few weeks ago it was full of furry mold, it took some really deep and serious cleaning. Over the years, its been worn at least 11 times, taking it to about 0.99 cents per wear. Not worn in recent years, I'm passing it on. 

A short sleeve vertical line jacket from Nathalie B. worn very little, a ruffle tee shirt from Talbots purchased in April 2012 CPW is about 1.00 USD and Active USA sweater tee shirt that was too clingy.
A black tube top used for layering is also out the door. Same as the three pairs of earrings below. If you notice, they are the same style: hanging, hook, oval. All of these came with a necklace and kind of hung around because of it. Sure I wore them, but briefly and certainly if I had to buy them today I would not.
Finally, my Sam Edelman nude heels purchased in October 2014, worn about 30 times, taking CPW to about 1.64 USD. It was a shame they fell apart. I loved these shoes. They were comfortable but them upper top part of them vamp, you can see it in the picture, just seemed to separate. It's about my third or fourth pair this happens to. Says a lot about the quality of a shoe, a shoe that originally sold for 115.00 USD. How are your closet edits coming along ? 


Laura Bambrick said...

Always impressed with the way you edit out your closet each month! I never keep track of what I get rid of and it's a great idea! I love that you figure out the CPW too!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Super cool selection my friend :D

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Sheila said...

Great edits - these all make sense to me, nothing that doesn't have a good solid reason. I constantly edit, and have often (briefly) considered keeping track, but it's just too much!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Great items!

Mica T said...

Such a shame about the shoes, but it's good in a way - you really did get the most out of them as you wore them until they fell apart, haha! :)

I added a couple shirts to the donate bag this week but I haven't been keeping track of my edits as well as I could!

Hope you are having a lovely week and you have a great weekend ahead of you!

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Black Dress Inspiration said...

Qué cositas más chulas


Natalia Beloglovskaya said...

Great post!

Kim Alston said...

You've gotten good use out of all of them.

LyddieGal said...

I swear, I don't know how such poorly made shoes can come with such high price tags! You think, oh I'm spending $100 on a pair of shoes, these will be really good. And then they just fall apart.
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