May Closet Additions

Long cut out H&M orange dress on sale for 10.70 USD. Never thought I'd buy a "cut out" anything.

Green gingham Polo Ralph Lauren dress like pj on sale for 10.70 USD. I think I'll wear this as a dress or layering piece.

Pineapple hair barrete 1.06 USD
Gold tone circle, square long irregular earrings for 3.00 USD
Colorful pom pom earrings for 1.06 USD 
Four velvet hair elastics 4.24 total, 1.06 each.
Presumidas grey velvet d'orsay flats on super sale for 1.60 USD

My total for the month of May was.... (insert drumroll)....  32.36 USD ! How about you ? 

May editions

A quick and short edit: Orange polo had a tiny hole under the brand logo, the black and white top from Forever 21 was a true favourite but it also had a tiny hole on the sleeve. Sure I could have repaired it but then I noticed the white part was yellowing. Third item was my lace ruffle collar black button down from Natural Exchange worn at least seven times since 2012, CPW is probably down to about a quarter of a dollar for this item. A black INC International Concepts flower embellished cardigan, flowers keep falling of and its very off the shoulder which makes me tug on it all day long, worn about 8 times, the CWP was about 1.55 USD.

Also fron INC, this white eyelet, it has been around since about 2010 and been worn at least five times since then. I have not CPW estimate as it was a gift, the fit on the waist was never good and in the last wear, I realised there was no use in keeping a garment that made me look 3 months pregnant.
Up next a striped Gap(?) dress, the colours had faded, the shape was kind of off and it felt too short. Finally, the cowl neck printed dress from Dressbarn, it was a gift I never loved but made an effort to wear, wore it three times and it was a strike.

Algo got rid of accessories: hair ties and a black and white Candies watch that still works, just not for me.

May edits: 9 items.

Bow in place

Black trousers Mossimo - Satin turquoise bow tie top Zara 
Black patent shoes Zara - Black leather bag vintage Croft & Barrow

Although used mostly as an adornment, pins can provide solutions: like keeping this fabric bow from becoming undone through the day. 
Here, after tying the bow I chose a vintage gold tone pin with a turquoise and pinned it in the middle of the bow to hold it in place. 
Although its very likely you already own some type of pin, below are some of my favourite bow pins available.
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Bow hop:

Zipper pull

Brown dress Forever 21 - Black patent shoes Zara - Black vintage leather bag Croft & Barrow 

Silver tone vintage Teddy Bear pin

Of the many ways to wear a pin or brooch I never thought of using one as a zipper pull or adornment. However, since I began incorporating pins to my outfits, I've come up with more ideas of how to make the most of them. 
In this case, the zipper pull is not damaged however I think this could work well with garments where the pull is missing.  I bet this one you did not expect ;) 
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On the Waist

Black sweater MNG Mango - White eyelet skirt INC International Concepts - Red shoes Melissa 
Black vintage turn lock bag Croft & Barrow, similar turn lock bags below 

Same as yesterday, went for a white skirt and a black sweater, wonder if my co workers thought I was wearing the same outfit. If they did think that, nobody said anything. 
As I am still hooked on pins and brooches, of course I added one to this outfit: a black stone flower cluster to the waist. Now that I think of it, the waist area is usually not one you want to draw attention to, so the pin would have worked better elsewhere.

Turn lock bags:

On the shoulder

White pleated skirt Zara - almost identical here and here - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York, similar here

Grey pumps United Nude - similar in same color here , other fun styles from this brand here and here 

Some outfits have the power to make you feel good. This was one of them. 
Today I thought I'd give this 2013 look a spin by adding two flower brooches on the shoulder, continuing with my pin saga. Decided to seal the look by adding some unusual shoes and got an outfit that took me from very early meetings to late night ones...

Once upon a denim dress

Seems like I've been o the hunt for the perfect denim dress for months now.  After getting rid of below one at the end of 2016 I've been looking for a dressier version, one that would serve for weekend and work. 

Almost identical version of above denim dress here 

During my search I came across four great denim dress options from Zaful that have been on my mind.  

1. Babydoll with the flared touch and under 40.00 USD
2. Waist wrap  has super light fabric and not even 12.00 USD
3. Deconstructed is modern and has pockets and its under 25.00 USD
4. Classic  of darker denim in a clean silhouette with pockets too, priced under 40.00 USD 

I've been thinking that #4 would work and think that #3 would be fabulous layered over a white button down or worn with a blazer... Which one do you think would work ways: work and office ? 

Beetle on my sleeve

Jeans Zara - Black button shirt Da Moda - Black flats 

Must have been a blog or maybe an image on Pinterest, maybe both. I saw pins used as a way of keeping a rolled sleeve interesting and holding it in place. Sometimes things are just "pretty" but this one is pretty and useful. 
Have you tried pins on your sleeves ?
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Pinning on the edge

Chambray off shoulder top Hot and Delicious
Jeans Zara - Grey velvet d'orsay flats Presumida

In case you have not noticed I am on a pin roll ! Wearing all of my pins out of guilt for forgetting their existence. Today, after I got a dressed I thought I'd add something other than a necklace which is what I would normally do. Instead I wore a blue stone silver toned flower pin on the edge of my off shoulder top. What do you think ?
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Wear 'em all

Last night as I put together today's outfit, I sat on the bed with this thick white cotton top and a box full of pins. Emptied the silver toned brooches and pins on the bed and began arranging them on the collar area of the top. Opted for wearing five pins instead of a scarf or necklace...while the pictures are terrible, I have to admit it totally worked. Oh, and check out Sheila's version on a dress, its fab-
Black trousers Mossimo - White top Forever 21 - Black patent shoes Zara 

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Green eyed bird

Printed dress Dressbarn - Grey blazer Suzy Shier - Blue bow heels Red Valentino - Teal sunglasses Reaction Kenneth Cole

Recently I came across boxes full of pins in my closet, I got a bit of a remorse and thought I'd bring them to the light of day.
My choice for today was a silver tone metal bird brooch with light green stones set as eyes. While this piece is unmarked and quite simple, it was a gift from my long gone grand father, which makes it super special. 
Now, speaking of the rest of the outfit, I am the first to admit I did not like it.. you'll never be seeing this dress again.

Power of remorse

Black button shirt Da Moda - Black trousers Mossimo - Gingham print shoes custom made 

Bubble pin set from Stradivarius 

Remorse can be a positive, powerful thing and here's proof. 
After coming across boxes full of unworn pins and brooches I have been incorporating them into my every day wear in every single way I can think of. 
Today, I took a bubble pin set and added some fun to an otherwise all black look. One pin went on the shirt collar (Cool!) and the other two went on my shoes: Hi! and Hello ! were quite a hit in my book. 

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