Green eyed bird

Printed dress Dressbarn - Grey blazer Suzy Shier - Blue bow heels Red Valentino - Teal sunglasses Reaction Kenneth Cole

Recently I came across boxes full of pins in my closet, I got a bit of a remorse and thought I'd bring them to the light of day.
My choice for today was a silver tone metal bird brooch with light green stones set as eyes. While this piece is unmarked and quite simple, it was a gift from my long gone grand father, which makes it super special. 
Now, speaking of the rest of the outfit, I am the first to admit I did not like it.. you'll never be seeing this dress again.


Kim Alston said...

That silver metal bird brooch looks so good Lorena! What a treasure!

Mica T said...

Oh no, shame about the dress! I completely understand you getting rid of it if you no longer like it, however I was admiring it as it reminds me of a similar dress I owned but donated a few years ago. I loved the print so much but when it eventually went on sale it wasn't in my size so I bought the next size up. it made it difficult to wear as it kept falling off my shoulders, but oh it was the softest material, great colours and print. Very similar print and colours to this! I STILL think about that dress even though I know I did the right thing getting rid of it. It was not comfortable to wear, being the wrong size.

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Sheila said...

I love that you're making outfits to wear all your brooches! This is a lovely little bird, and don't you just love wearing something that has meaning? I feel like that whenever I wear one of my mom's, grandmothers' or dad's things.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Too bad you are getting rid of this dress. I quite like it and how it is styled with the blazer whose lining is patterned in blue also. Looks cool, modern and sophisticated. The bird brooch is so far my favorite you own!