May editions

A quick and short edit: Orange polo had a tiny hole under the brand logo, the black and white top from Forever 21 was a true favourite but it also had a tiny hole on the sleeve. Sure I could have repaired it but then I noticed the white part was yellowing. Third item was my lace ruffle collar black button down from Natural Exchange worn at least seven times since 2012, CPW is probably down to about a quarter of a dollar for this item. A black INC International Concepts flower embellished cardigan, flowers keep falling of and its very off the shoulder which makes me tug on it all day long, worn about 8 times, the CWP was about 1.55 USD.

Also fron INC, this white eyelet, it has been around since about 2010 and been worn at least five times since then. I have not CPW estimate as it was a gift, the fit on the waist was never good and in the last wear, I realised there was no use in keeping a garment that made me look 3 months pregnant.
Up next a striped Gap(?) dress, the colours had faded, the shape was kind of off and it felt too short. Finally, the cowl neck printed dress from Dressbarn, it was a gift I never loved but made an effort to wear, wore it three times and it was a strike.

Algo got rid of accessories: hair ties and a black and white Candies watch that still works, just not for me.

May edits: 9 items.



In love with the red dress!! So cool!
Mónica Sors

backinstyle said...

It feels good to realize it's time to say good bye to some of the items in our closets and edit them out, doesn't it? Also, love the way you're rocking the brooches, also!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Too bad about the three items on the middle row as I loved them all. Why did you not keep the skirt and striped dress at least? Love that striped watch, too.

Kim Alston said...

That GAP dress always looked superb on you. At least you got good wear out of it.

LyddieGal said...

I feel like I had a similar white eyelet skirt where the fit was off so I tried to 'fix' it three times and then just donated it.