One thirty-five

Yellow blue striped dress Gap - Red flats Stradivarius - Red tote Victorinox 
For me striped cotton dresses are must haves. They are super comfortable in this crazy summer that sometimes hits 42C and I feel like I am about to faint. They're pretty much wash and wear and all you need to add is a fun bag or accessory and you're set. 
I've worn this one a lot, to a point that my cost per wear on it is about 1.35 USD, which is great and does not make me feel bad for giving it away. It's been around since May 2014 and I feel its suddenly feeling too short and too blah. While I do have an identical one in grey and yellow which I am keeping for now, I am certainly starting to look for its replacement.

Striped blue dress options:


The other day I thought about the highest purchase I have ever made on line. Got curious as I've seen six figure items listed and can only wonder who would buy a six or even five figure item on line. I would be concerned about it never getting to me (my country's postal system is almost non existent) and of course the authenticity of the item. Oh and most important, my credit card limit would not be sufficient. 

Hover or click on the below to see some mighty spectacular items at incredible prices...

Going back to the lux item purchase, I know I'd want I want to have the service that comes with a pricey purchase. The champagne that would be offered as I tried the dresses, the bags carried for me all the way to my car and such. Then again, that's just me.

I'd like to know what was your priciest on line purchase... and in case you're curious, mine was an antique and while it did not reach the five figure number, it has been my priciest yet.  

Hope for

Printed dress Dressbarn - White blazer Suzy Shier, similar, similar - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti - Brown bag Coach

I received this dress as a gift, I never wear it. It may be the length, the cowl neck or the print. I mean its been worn once here and that's it. I always say that I am going to style it correctly and get the best from it, but that day is yet to come... Are there any garments that you have "hope for" and wish for a better styling ?

Cowl dresses I'd rather have:

Purple and Pink

Pink and purple vintage dress made in Argentina, similar sans print, orange and fuchsia look alike 
 Nude heels Flexi, almost identical - Brown tote bag Coach 
This dress was last worn in 2011 and it use to be big on me. I purchased this vintage, Argentine made dress of thick polyester probably sometime around 2010 during a trip to Buenos Aires. Spotted it at a sidewalk stand at the San Telmo Sunday market, where you can usually find a lot of vintage and antiques. I recall the lady whom I bought it from. She was speaking really fast and kept asking me questions, it was kind of annoying but I slowly and quietly searched the clothes racks she had. She mostly carried vintage women's wear and it looked like she had emptied an entire closet from the 60's era on the sidewalk. It was quite a treat to search through.  Finally, I walked away with this dress and another light brown one. 
One of the things she asked when I was reaching for my wallet to pay her, was if I was looking for clothes for a 1960s movie production and when I replied "no, they are for me..." she gave me the oddest look ever.

Unexpected reasons

Turquoise 3/4 sleeve dress no brand - Nude heels Flexi, similar
Brown tote bag Coach, very similar - Extra large pearl open necklace Zara 

A few days ago while at the beach I had a little accident. Happens I scraped and bruised the back of my thigh with a rusty iron bar. Hurt like hell, still does. Anyways, because of it I've been going for dresses to avoid the fabric sticking to the scar and for the skin to heal and breath. Probably the least expected reason you'd think I had for wearing this dress today, which BTW was a bit blah. What was the oddest reason you chose to wear a garment ? 

Turquoise dresses:


Yellow blue striped dress Gap - similar
Turquoise bubble necklace, similar in red
Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti
Brown tote bag Coach, similar 
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, similar 

Sometime ago while attending a local flea market I came across an orange bubble necklace, as I picked it up I remembered my very own, which I am wearing today. At the moment I thought, "why would you want to get rid of such a nice piece ?" to which I replied in my head "probably because its no longer trending.." 
Sometimes we let the surroundings choose for us. You don't want to get caught wearing something that would now be considered passé, because, well its just no longer "in style". While I do constantly edit my closet and the reasons are many, I have come to the conclusion that this reason is probably the one I use the least when evaluating if an item stays or not. What's your reason for eliminating a garment from your closet ?
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Similar items:

The most of..

White shirt Bite Back Collar - Pull & Bear, expensive one I'd like here
Jeans Red Valentino - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti
Brown bag Coach - Evil eye cuff, another version here 

During my recent three month shopping ban I did a little closet dissection. I went through several items I knew I had multiples of, but was not sure exactly how many. To my surprise, or not, I was able to count at least 26 white tops and shirts hanging in the closet. This shirt is one of them. I did not count those in the laundry bag or those pending to be ironed. Also did a quick count of my black trousers, here I counted over ten of them: high waisted, cropped, leggings. Now it's your turn: What's the garment you have the most of?
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A colourful farewell

Missoni for Target sweater - Black trousers Mossimo, similar, similar - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar color here 
Brown tote bag Coach - Pink scallop collar sleeveless shirt Forever 21, similar - Green brooch 

Many of us are drawn to designer pieces. Sometimes we're drawn to the design itself even before we know its a "designer item". Other times we like the design because such and such made it, as an example is this Missoni for Target sweater. Sure it was for Target, but I still liked it and went for it. I've worn it with shorts, skirtwhite trousers and after these wears the feel is always the same: sleeves are super long, slim and itchy, the v neckline does not sit well and needs constant tugging. I did a final wear today and put a lot of effort in it, however the verdict is the same: it's not working for me. Can't blame me for trying.

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Kimono like cardigan

Mint skirt Worthington - Kimono cardigan Forever 21 similar longer one - Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni - Brown bag Coach

Rope and tassel belt self made, but check this cool one

Back in 2011 during a vacation I picked up several pieces at a Forever 21 store in Miami. This swallow print kimono cardigan was one of them. In 6 years, its been worn just 6 times. The CPW is 3.80 USD  and never have I felt it looks amazing or even good. Below you can see previous wears. I've made up my mind and it makes no sense to hold on to it. Would you hold on to it ? 

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Old garments

Black trousers Mossimo - Orange button down shirt Isaac Mizrahi - Black patent shoes Zara - Black leather bag vintage

Vintage like earrings, similar colors here - Gold vintage ring, similar here - 
Black leather vintage bag Croft and Barrow, similar here

When do you consider a garment old ? This question crossed my mind the other day as I chose to wear this button down again. This shirt in particular has been in the closet for at least ten years, but the wear has been minimal. The fabric continues to be bright, buttons are intact and it has a lot of wears left in it however I would consider this garment old. How about you, what are your thoughts, when do you consider a garment is "old" ?   


Brown dress Anne Klein - Brown tote bag Coach - Brown cap toe flats Coach - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger

I say "ruined clothes" and you thought of it: the last garment you ruined, what was it ? 
In my case I have several, some I was able to save and others were ruined for good. A leopard print blazer I placed in the dryer was salvaged after a trip to the tailor. Not so for the Armani pant suit which is to say the least, unrecognisable after being machine washed and dried...😬
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Ironing Jeans

Jeans Liz Claiborne - No Supervision Required green tee shirt - Black heel sandals Vince Camuto - Brown tote bag Coach
Knoted rope necklace, similar inspiration here

The other day my husband and I were on the subject of ironing clothes. We ended up talking about a comment from the lady that does the ironing for us. She had recently told us that in certain households she was asked to iron sheets, pillow cases, tee shirts, underwear and jeans.  Although the other items seem bizarre, for me it was so crazy to iron jeans, specially when she added "and with a crease in the front.." I think its a waste of energy, time and money. So here I am making a protest, in my un ironed jeans ;)  Are an ironer of odd things ? 
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The Nina Ricci Handbag

Black printed trousers Wild Girl, similar - Bite Back collar white button down shirt, other fun collar shirt 
Nude heels Sam Edelman, similar - Black bag Nina Ricci - Round sunglasses Forever 21

During my three month shopping ban I did not do what I had originally set out to: wear the NWT garments in the closet and do a lot of editing. 
Happens I did not wear the new with tags items as most were tight and many were destined for cocktail events, which I did not have. Since I am over my usual weight, I also felt it was not the right time to edit as I could have regrets in the future. 
One thing I did partially go through were my hand bags. I say partially, because they are stored in three places as I've run out of space in the closet. One of the bags I came across is this black Nina Ricci hand bag, which I have been wearing lately and that had not been worn in 8 years. In fact it's a lot smaller than I remembered it was. The idea of an item just sitting there, taking up space for eight years makes absolutely no sense in my head. However if I recall correctly it was my first designer bag and this justifies its existence. While I am not sure if I will hold on to it much longer, lately I've been wearing it non stop... Tell me about your first designer bag.
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