April Closet Additions

By the end of March last year, I had spent 280.77 USD on clothes, bags and shoes, by this March 2017 I had spent nothing, because of a self imposed shopping ban.  Behind the shopping ban idea was that I would use this time to declutter, wear the unworn and such. It did not happen. So, after the little progress I made, I figured I would also do it in April, but I'd first reward myself with a 30.00 USD budget originally thought of for a Saturday thrift, however things had a slight shift. 

I did thrift a black leather turn lock Croft and Barrow handbag for 7.49 USD, a pair of light blue Gio Zanotti bow flats for 12.84 USD, light peach pink gingham button down shirt from J. Crew for 7.49 USD and vintage triangle print short sleeve top for 3.21 USD.

In order to let these into the closet I let go one of each: one hand bag, one pair of shoes and a button down shirt and so on.. 

Earrings for 1.06 USD and Black velvet and tassel hair tie 1.06 USD 

April total 33.15 USD.

April Closet Editions

This particular closet edit is closely tied to my closet additions. I will explain. Usually my purchases have nothing to do with whatever is leaving the closet. This time around since I just did a 3 month shopping ban from January to March, I figured I'd allow some shopping considering the one in-one out rule. 
For example, out goes my brown printed houndstooth hand bag. It's going to a friend who complimented me on it and she just got a new job that she needs to upgrade her wardrobe for. Since I had not worn this hand bag in years and recently rediscovered it, I figured she would make more use of it than I. So this Ralph Lauren look a like now has a new home and counts as one handbag out to welcome a vintage black leather turn lock bag.

Also out the door this month is a black dress by JBS that has been around since at least 2011, worn about 10 times in seven years. Its awfully thin, fabric has fuzz balls and I am just over this dress. 
Another garment you saw me recently wear is also leaving: the kimono like cardigan, I made efforts to wear it but it did not look amazing or fabulous and had me second guessing it every time I wore it. Another item I let go of was this marvellous Isaac Mizrahi for Target bright printed shirt. It got no wear, there was no use in holding on to it.
Image via Pinterest
You will certainly remember this item: the Missoni for Target sweater. It was gorgeous but itchy, sleeves were too long and there was something off with the fit at the neckline that made me rethink it even though it was a garment that I'd wanted for so long. Out.
Shoes were also edited this month, a pair of gold matte flats from Fabrizio Gianni. It was a shame to let these go because they were so well made, full leather in, out and even the soles. However they were badly scuffed. The CPW on these was about 1.45 USD. 
Black double strap shoes from Bata are leaving (their full story here). They've been around since 2010, worn at least 18 times, they look dull even though I could revive them with a leather product, the insides are crumbling. These had a good run: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina but I am ready to see them go.

Finally a Tous bear like girl bracelet.

With 8 edits, this was my April clean out, not impressive, I know. How are your closed edits coming along ?

Living in April

Black and white top Forever 21 - Black trousers Mossimo - Brown tote bag Coach - Black patent bow flats Kate Spade
As explained in this post, it seems like I am days behind on everything. My to do list only keeps getting longer but I did manage to pick up that dress at the dry cleaner's and get this post up !

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Neon is back

Blue overalls MNG Mango similar - Yellow neon off the shoulder top Fiory - Brown tote bag Coach
Neon is back, or so I read somewhere. Luckily for me, I still have about half a dozen items in this category that will be making a comeback in my every day wears. How about you ? Any neon still in the closet ?

Be on neon:


Black trousers Mossimo, similar - Black and white print top Michael Kors - Black patent shoes Zara 

Black leather vintage bag Croft & Barrow - Pearls from street market in Bolivia 

We are on to the second week of May and I am still in April. For some reason I feel so behind, closet edits never being done, laundry pending to be picked up at the dry cleaners, shoes to be picked up at the cobbler's, a Prada top I need to recover from my previous seamstress and that goddam box that has been sitting in my car's trunk for years now that I have yet to go through... 

Similar tops:


Jeans Red Valentino - White button shirt Forever 21 - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York -
Green velvet loafers Zara - Black vintage bag Croft & Barrel
I've been in Colombia for work for a few days now and one of my last meetings was cancelled. Suddenly I had hours to spare and was lucky enough to hear about a Graffiti walking tour in La Candelaria neighbourhood in Bogota which I joined right on time. It was superb with great information and of course, a lot of art. On the downside due to the closeness to the sun, as Bogota is  over 8,000 above sea level,  I got a really, really bad sunburn. 
That being said, now try explaining a sunburn when back from a work trip.­čśĆ

Well made

Red skirt H&M - White button shirt Forever 21 - Black cropped cardigan H&M
Zebra print heels Bershka - Black vintage leather bag Croft & Barrow
This red skirt is as far as it could be from couture. But, the moment I laid my eyes on it, certain things stood out that made me think "this is a well made item". 
One of these was the fabric: thick and sturdy, a blend of polyester and viscose that was very soft to the touch. Another sign of craftsmanship was the concealed zipper, which passes as just another dart on the skirt. The cut, construction and fit were a lot more than I ever thought I could expect for a 49.95 USD priced item at H&M (I got it on sale). On the down side there was no lining but since the skirt is quite thick and it fit so well, I went for it. 
These are just a few things that I look at when considering a garment for purchase, if its not on the "love at first sight" category. So, I'd like to know what is it that tells you a garment is "well made" ?

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Similar red skirts:

A lifetime ago

Black trousers Mossimo - Pink scallop collar sleeveless shirt
White blazer Suzy Shier - Black patent shoes Zara 
Black leather vintage bag Craft & Barrow 

There use to be a time when I wore pins or brooches every.single.day.  It was the time I wore a uniform to work, which now seems like a lifetime ago. 
This brooch is from that era, if I am not mistaken it was a gift from my grandfather who is also now long gone. The stories this brooch could tell. 

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Chill time with Adore Me

You know how it is...  Get home tired from work, however you are not tired enough to skip your favourite series on Netflix. I'm usually looking forward to Billions, a movie or a Spanish series. 
For me it all adds up to a big pillow, some snacks, cotton pjs and my super cozy glove like socks.
You can find the perfect sleepwear for your perfect netflix&chill night at Adore Me and 
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What are your #NetflixandChill essentials?


Jeans Red Valentino, similar - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York, similar 
Green velvet loafers Zara, similar under 11.00 USD here - Black leather bag Croft & Barrow 

I'm in Bogota, Colombia for work and I thought I would share things you did not know about me, the first one has to do with insects.
While in high school I had to put together an insect collection for my Biology class. The idea of collecting, killing, freezing insects and then inserting a pin in them to place them on foam board was too horrific for me to do. So a friend did it for me ;) 
The thing is, I am not afraid of most insects, I am totally fine with tarantulas, bees, grasshoppers, wasps, ants, etc encounters. No screaming, no jumping around, no killing them. I make an exception for cockroaches, those are another story. How about you ?
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Velvet loafers:

Long lost love

AA Studio color block dress - Nude pumps Flexi - Brown bag Coach
I had forgotten about it, like a long lost love: the colour block dress had totally fallen off my radar. When I pulled it out of the closet, I totally had second thoughts about it, but when I tried it on I just asked myself how I had gone so long without it..
What was that last garment you had forgotten about that you had a long standing infatuation with ?
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Colour block dresses:


Brown dress Forever 21 - Nude pumps Flexi - Brown bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors - Gold vintage ring

Get the look:

One thirty-five

Yellow blue striped dress Gap - Red flats Stradivarius - Red tote Victorinox 
For me striped cotton dresses are must haves. They are super comfortable in this crazy summer that sometimes hits 42C and I feel like I am about to faint. They're pretty much wash and wear and all you need to add is a fun bag or accessory and you're set. 
I've worn this one a lot, to a point that my cost per wear on it is about 1.35 USD, which is great and does not make me feel bad for giving it away. It's been around since May 2014 and I feel its suddenly feeling too short and too blah. While I do have an identical one in grey and yellow which I am keeping for now, I am certainly starting to look for its replacement.
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The other day I thought about the highest purchase I have ever made on line. Got curious as I've seen six figure items listed and can only wonder who would buy a six or even five figure item on line. I would be concerned about it never getting to me (my country's postal system is almost non existent) and of course the authenticity of the item. Oh and most important, my credit card limit would not be sufficient. 

Hover or click on the below to see some mighty spectacular items at incredible prices...

Going back to the lux item purchase, I know I'd want I want to have the service that comes with a pricey purchase. The champagne that would be offered as I tried the dresses, the bags carried for me all the way to my car and such. Then again, that's just me.

I'd like to know what was your priciest on line purchase... and in case you're curious, mine was an antique and while it did not reach the five figure number, it has been my priciest yet.  

Hope for

Printed dress Dressbarn - White blazer Suzy Shier, similar, similar - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti - Brown bag Coach

I received this dress as a gift, I never wear it. It may be the length, the cowl neck or the print. I mean its been worn once here and that's it. I always say that I am going to style it correctly and get the best from it, but that day is yet to come... Are there any garments that you have "hope for" and wish for a better styling ?
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Cowl dresses I'd rather have:

Purple and Pink

Pink and purple vintage dress made in Argentina, similar sans print, orange and fuchsia look alike 
 Nude heels Flexi, almost identical - Brown tote bag Coach 
This dress was last worn in 2011 and it use to be big on me. I purchased this vintage, Argentine made dress of thick polyester probably sometime around 2010 during a trip to Buenos Aires. Spotted it at a sidewalk stand at the San Telmo Sunday market, where you can usually find a lot of vintage and antiques. I recall the lady whom I bought it from. She was speaking really fast and kept asking me questions, it was kind of annoying but I slowly and quietly searched the clothes racks she had. She mostly carried vintage women's wear and it looked like she had emptied an entire closet from the 60's era on the sidewalk. It was quite a treat to search through.  Finally, I walked away with this dress and another light brown one. 
One of the things she asked when I was reaching for my wallet to pay her, was if I was looking for clothes for a 1960s movie production and when I replied "no, they are for me..." she gave me the oddest look ever.
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