April Closet Editions

This particular closet edit is closely tied to my closet additions. I will explain. Usually my purchases have nothing to do with whatever is leaving the closet. This time around since I just did a 3 month shopping ban from January to March, I figured I'd allow some shopping considering the one in-one out rule. 
For example, out goes my brown printed houndstooth hand bag. It's going to a friend who complimented me on it and she just got a new job that she needs to upgrade her wardrobe for. Since I had not worn this hand bag in years and recently rediscovered it, I figured she would make more use of it than I. So this Ralph Lauren look a like now has a new home and counts as one handbag out to welcome a vintage black leather turn lock bag.

Also out the door this month is a black dress by JBS that has been around since at least 2011, worn about 10 times in seven years. Its awfully thin, fabric has fuzz balls and I am just over this dress. 
Another garment you saw me recently wear is also leaving: the kimono like cardigan, I made efforts to wear it but it did not look amazing or fabulous and had me second guessing it every time I wore it. Another item I let go of was this marvellous Isaac Mizrahi for Target bright printed shirt. It got no wear, there was no use in holding on to it.
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You will certainly remember this item: the Missoni for Target sweater. It was gorgeous but itchy, sleeves were too long and there was something off with the fit at the neckline that made me rethink it even though it was a garment that I'd wanted for so long. Out.
Shoes were also edited this month, a pair of gold matte flats from Fabrizio Gianni. It was a shame to let these go because they were so well made, full leather in, out and even the soles. However they were badly scuffed. The CPW on these was about 1.45 USD. 
Black double strap shoes from Bata are leaving (their full story here). They've been around since 2010, worn at least 18 times, they look dull even though I could revive them with a leather product, the insides are crumbling. These had a good run: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina but I am ready to see them go.

Finally a Tous bear like girl bracelet.

With 8 edits, this was my April clean out, not impressive, I know. How are your closed edits coming along ?


Laura Bambrick said...

I think any closet edits is impressive! 8 items in a month is great progress! I am happy if I get rid of 5 things!

Kim Alston said...

It is always nice when a garment finds a new home.

Mica T said...

I'm with Laura - I think any removal of items from a wardrobe is a good thing, no matter how few. And you're letting go of lots of things it would be hard to part with too, so good job! I am trying to be more realistic about the practicality of pieces in my wardrobe and not hold onto things I've wanted for a while or took ages to find, if they aren't working for me any more. Not an easy thing to do though!

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Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! xx

Sheila said...

I think those are some good cuts, good job. I edit slowly, as I wear things, sometimes on impulse, but usually I really know when it's time to let things go.