Jeans Red Valentino - White button shirt Forever 21 - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York -
Green velvet loafers Zara - Black vintage bag Croft & Barrel
I've been in Colombia for work for a few days now and one of my last meetings was cancelled. Suddenly I had hours to spare and was lucky enough to hear about a Graffiti walking tour in La Candelaria neighbourhood in Bogota which I joined right on time. It was superb with great information and of course, a lot of art. On the downside due to the closeness to the sun, as Bogota is  over 8,000 above sea level,  I got a really, really bad sunburn. 
That being said, now try explaining a sunburn when back from a work trip.😏


Shea Sayers said...

What a bummer about the sunburn! That does sound like such an awesome walking tour though!

Laura Bambrick said...

So sorry to hear about the sunburn! It looks like an amazing tour though! Glad you were able to take advantage of your extra time!

Sheila said...

Oh, yowtch! Take care of your skin! I found a wonderful solid stick sunblock by Neutrogena - it looks like a deodorant, and smells like lemon - that I carry in my purse and use on my face and tattoos when I need quick coverage.

I love those green velvet loafers. Want!

E said...

I love street art! These are so cool1

District of Chic

Mica T said...

Oh no! What a shame about the sunburn as it does sound like otherwise it would be a fun tour! Hopefully you recover quickly from it.

I like the pop of colour with the scarf tied to your bag too :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Byelenamartin said...

Me encantan las fotos con ese arte callejero que nos muestras!😍
El look básico y perfecto para cualquier viaje.

Besos desde

Jacquard Flower said...

Sounds amazing place to have a walk around. Have a nice weekend.

Gemma x

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look so classy.

Kim Alston said...

That wall is so cool Lorena! When you have spare time, it's treasures like that which you find. Love your outfit.