September Additions

This month I had some wardrobe adjustments: 
Vintage Miss V Valentino dark blue suit was hemmed 
and sleeves were taken in for the sum of 23.00 USD,
wish I could say the job was impeccable but it was not.
Rebecca Minkoff JULES black satchel, 105.95 USD. 

Byblos Italian gold tulip cut skirt, thrifted for 1.07 USD.

Handed down: Black Pierri New York turtle neck 
sweater and white satin tank top.

September total of 240.02 USD

September edit

Edited the closet just in time for the flea market !
My "Sex and the City" grey pumps by Hypnotic were
very, very uncomfortable to walk in, worn maybe four or 
five times, they were a burden, so it's time to let go.
My black Giuseppe Zanotti sandals also left, the heel was
not sturdy enough for me to feel safe to walk in, so they 
found a new home at the flea market, sold for 30.00 USD.
I don't need a pair of shoes that take my confidence away.
Another item that I just did not want to have around
was my black Michael Kors tote, it was in perfect shape 
but its just one of those things you no longer want. 
Sold at the flea market for 26.00 USD.
Vintage black leather and stretch, not worn often 
sold at the flea market for 4.00 USD. 
Brown leather Tennis belt sold for 8.00 USD at the 
flea market, dates from 2011, purchased in 
Colombia, wore it just 2 or 3 times in 5 years, 
it is not worth holding on to. 
From a trip to Peru, this Michele Belau brocade extra
wide belt dates to at least 2010 was worn just twice in
six years ! Sold at the flea market to a friend for 8.00 USD.
Reversible black and brown belt that was in bad shape.
Black stretch belt that was no longer working for me.
Striped Charlotte Russe tube top, and sent to the thrift shop 
my white H&M tshirt with crochet flower as it was too tight.
Unit USA scarf print top that got very little wear, orange and 
purple houndstooth print tshirt by Go International for Target.

Black tank by Poof and AHA Collection flower print wrap top.
Grey cocktail dress Nine West, just two wears in 6 years. 
A Forever 21 jean jumper, barely worn and unflattering. 

Finally got rid of several headbands (still have a drawer full..)
 sold them at the flea market for a dollar each.
A neon pink rhinestone necklace from H&M.

21 items. Not bad. How are your edits coming along ?

Another Pet Peeve...

Khaki trousers - Black button down ruffle collar shirt Natural Exchange 
Leopard print flats Me Too - Black satchel Jules Rebeca Minkoff
By now you probably think I am easily annoyed... but I really cannot handle it when someone removes their shoes in public. Wether it's a plane, under the desk, sitting next to me in a public office or the person in line in front of me at the bank. Why would you want to take your shoes off in a public place ? 

Hair sticks

Polka dot trousers Worthington - Black turtleneck sweater Pierri New York
Black flats Me Too - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Hello Kitty necklace 
I'm the first one to put my hair up with whatever I have around. Wether it be a pen or pencil, bread twist wire ties, a piece of thread, you name it.. so when I came across these very old asian chop sticks in my hair accessories drawer, I thought I'd wear them, maybe soon they'll be back on trend as almost everything is. If not, who cares, at least they served a purpose. 

2011 called..

Scarf print Feline - Blue trousers Sculpture - 
Mint skinny belt H&M - Grey flats Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 
These blue trousers date to 2011, I saw them on another blogger and loved them so much (I guess coloured trousers were a thing back then) that I went and bought them in two colours: blue and orange. This is the blue pair, worn fifteen times in five years. At first I couldn't get enough of them, nowadays I just wonder why I bought them in the first place... So, 2011 called, they want their trousers back and I'm certainly sending them away !


Jeans Red Valentino - Polka dot sweater Liz Claiborne 
Black flats Me Too - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 
As I read on every other blog about the transition to fall I admit that I might just feel a little left out - as where I live we are in the midst of rainy season. Here, after it rains all we are left with is humidity, flooded streets and if we are lucky a short cool breeze. However in December it should be summer and I will not be envying the layers, the heavy coats and the chapped lips in other latitudes..but, today I thought I'd pretend that I am also transitioning to fall.

The red skirt

Red skirt H&M - White button down shirt Gina Tricot - Black suede pumps Juicy Couture -
Black glove handbag Maison Martin Margiela for H&M - Vintage watch (brooch)
This red skirt has been in the closet since February.
Since then I've had the hem lengthened, waist adjusted
and it was sitting ironed in the closet waiting for its 
debut, which happened to be today. 
Now that I think of it, its one of the very
 few red garments I own.. 
How about you ? Own a lot of red ? 

Stripes + pearls

Jeans NYDJ - Blue striped long tshirt Stradivarius

Bee Happy Blue loafers C Wonder - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 

When your outfit is too plain but you 
need to be taken seriously: wear pearls ;) 

Satin Satin

Black culottes Forever 21 - Turquoise satin bow top Zara  
Black patent shoes Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag
Happy friday !

...and a scarf

With the amount of scarves I
have amassed over the years I should be
wearing one every single day.

Pink neon trousers H&M - White top Forever 21
Neon print scarf H&M - Grey heels Vince Camuto
See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 

I tend to grab a scarf when I am traveling or
when I am too lazy to choose a necklace, like today.

The JS

The jean skirt has been back in
rotation these last couple of weeks.
Jean skirt Zara - White button down shirt Gina Tricot
See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Red sandal heels Zara 
I've been thinking about replacing it 
with a darker tone and one that has a 
smaller slit at the back... do you own a JS? 

Just black & white

Just black and white, with a little vintage. 
White skirt Nine West - Black vintage blouse Impressions of California
Black patent shoes Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag
Florenza turquoise and pearl vintage necklace
I gotta have my vintage fix.