September edit

Edited the closet just in time for the flea market !
My "Sex and the City" grey pumps by Hypnotic were
very, very uncomfortable to walk in, worn maybe four or 
five times, they were a burden, so it's time to let go.
My black Giuseppe Zanotti sandals also left, the heel was
not sturdy enough for me to feel safe to walk in, so they 
found a new home at the flea market, sold for 30.00 USD.
I don't need a pair of shoes that take my confidence away.
Another item that I just did not want to have around
was my black Michael Kors tote, it was in perfect shape 
but its just one of those things you no longer want. 
Sold at the flea market for 26.00 USD.
Vintage black leather and stretch, not worn often 
sold at the flea market for 4.00 USD. 
Brown leather Tennis belt sold for 8.00 USD at the 
flea market, dates from 2011, purchased in 
Colombia, wore it just 2 or 3 times in 5 years, 
it is not worth holding on to. 
From a trip to Peru, this Michele Belau brocade extra
wide belt dates to at least 2010 was worn just twice in
six years ! Sold at the flea market to a friend for 8.00 USD.
Reversible black and brown belt that was in bad shape.
Black stretch belt that was no longer working for me.
Striped Charlotte Russe tube top, and sent to the thrift shop 
my white H&M tshirt with crochet flower as it was too tight.
Unit USA scarf print top that got very little wear, orange and 
purple houndstooth print tshirt by Go International for Target.

Black tank by Poof and AHA Collection flower print wrap top.
Grey cocktail dress Nine West, just two wears in 6 years. 
A Forever 21 jean jumper, barely worn and unflattering. 

Finally got rid of several headbands (still have a drawer full..)
 sold them at the flea market for a dollar each.
A neon pink rhinestone necklace from H&M.

21 items. Not bad. How are your edits coming along ?


Kim Alston said...

Always make room for something new, especially if it doesn't feel right or is pass its due :D

Jessica Cangiano said...

Excellent job on editing last month. 22 items is seriously impressive! Congrats on your flea market sales.

xoxo ♥ Jessica