May Editions

This month I wanted my closet editions to focus on white garments and shoes. 
Regardless of my original intentions, this is what left the closet:

F 21 ruffle tank top: dates from 2010, worn at least 6 times, no longer a favourite. 
Also from Forever 21 white printed tee, worn a lot, it was in really bad
"shape" as you can see, it was worn out and yellowing. The Laura Leigh 
pink tank had a small tear and was ill fitting, plus it got little wear. 
The white tank/no brand was also no longer a well fitting garment. 
Two vintage blouses. The first one had no brand name and was 
big, worn only three times.
The Josephine brand bib blouse was also too big on me. 
Finally the H&M cardi dates from 2012, it was purchased 
in NY, worn in 4 continents, over twenty times... 
I got my money's worth. 

A turquoise tube from Wow was in bad shape and
I never wore it. Pure DKNY by Dona Karan, seems
a bit big and I never styled it in a way I truly loved. 
A greenish top by Personal Identity had a tiny hole in it.
A greish pair of trousers by Esprit. It was a hand
me down however every time I tried it on it fit
awful. So I'm passing it on.  
A red wrap charm bracelet that was no longer in use. 
Belt from MNG Mango was beginning to peel. 
Dark wood bead necklace and bracelets.
Just not feeling them any more.
Four bracelets and a pair of earrings. Funny how most
of these were gifts that I held on to just because. 
Also 5 pairs of shoes.
The striped flats from Nine West date to June 2014, on sale for 25.00 USD
were worn at least 18 times, cost per wear was about 0.72 cents.
Second pair was the red heeled Mary Janes from Nine West,the third
a black patent zipper detail flats from Michael Kors that date from 2011.
Worn at least 25 times these shoes have no life left in them. 
The 4th pair, my Innovativi wedges, purchased in Brazil,
 were worn at least 90 times.
Finally my silver glitter flats from Zara, purchased
in Montevideo, Uruguay-
I will miss them the most, we had a good run.
At least 36 wears. 

25 items for May.
Oh, BTW 6 of there were white and another 5 were shoes ;)

How are your edits coming along ? 

May Additions

I spent at least one hour in a consignment store
a few weeks back, these garments are the result:
A vintage printed Escada bell / flutter sleeve blouse for 13.80 USD
and a red United Colors of Benetton sweat shirt for 5.35 USD.

Valentino V Zone dark blue pant suit, 10.70 USD.
Bought it because of the pants, they fit well and are 
not hemmed. Most likely this vintage suit is unworn.
Also a colourful sweater from the Missoni for Target
collaboration for 7.35 USD.
Burberry trousers on super sale from 325.00 USD 
down to 13.90 USD. I just had to. 

Free: 3 dresses from my aunt: A one shoulder from Valerie Bertinelli,
a printed one shoulder by Nine West and a pink strapless dress.

Add 4.00 USD for altering a pair of black trousers.

Total 55.10 USD

Bee Happy

They took forever to find.
Jeans Gap  - White button down shirt Gina Tricot
The "Bee Happy" loafers from 
the extinct C. Wonder. 
Andy bag Carolina Herrera - C. Wonder flats
I had been on the hunt for months. 
They came in the mail a few weeks
ago and just today I wear them for the
first time... not as qualitative as I thought.
Time will tell.


Lanvin AOP seemed like a good 
way to start the week.
Vintage shirtdress Lanvin - Red heels Biviel
An All Over Print means that
I don't have to wear a lot of
Andy bag Carolina Herrera 
A good print is like an accessory.
Charm wrap bracelet
Because the print takes care of it all.

Your most hated

A few posts ago I asked what your
 most hated house chore was.
Mint shorts Gap - Tank top Logic - White blazer Monteau
Well, apparently it's: ironing.
The lack of ironing, creases, wrinkles, 
it is actually a pet peeve for me. 
That and lint. They are disturbing.
Blue bag Zara - Silver flats Zara - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Disturbing to a point it's the first thing I see.
My eyes will detect lint a mile away, same for
wrinkled garments. Total turn off. 
Funny thing is I chose to wear 
these wrinkled shorts today...

The Sweatshirt

Wearing this sweater I knew I'd be channeling 
the early 90's.
It was the must have item then:
Huge, thick, colourful sweatshirt with the 
Benetton logo across the chest.
Jeans Zara - Red sweatshirt vintage Benetton - Red flats Stradivarius
I had always wanted one.
Blue bag Zara
Even if it was warm, you'd still wear it...
However today it served its purpose, to 
keep me warm in a chilly afternoon.

Looking back

As I was ready to walk out the door
I looked in the mirror and felt this outfit 
was little too much Saturday for a casual Friday look.
Top Personal Identity - jeans Gap - Yellow heels Tsubo - Blue bag Zara
I went back and grabbed a black blazer.
Black blazer Theory - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Never looked back.
Sometimes you really are 
better off not looking back...


they only emphasise our laziness in
writing our constant idea of "saving time".
Saving time for what I ask ?
Jeans Zara - Leopard print shirt Antilia Femme 
Recently I came across this one: JSYK,
or course I was clueless. 
Innovativi wedges - Brown tote bag Coach
Googled it and it's short for 
"Just So You Know".
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
So, JSYK..

Tough love

One of the most difficult things for 
me to get rid of: shoes.
Black trousers Mossimo - Black tshirt Daisy Fuentes 
It's one of the very few things I 
literally wear out and for some reason 
give it a zillion second thoughts before 
letting go. Even more than clothes.
Sometimes in order to extend their lifetime 
I will take them to the cobbler have 
them resoled, dyed, glued or even sewn.
Light grey long vest Valette
Also by the time I do decide to part with 
them they've been through hell and back, 
meaning they're pretty useless.
Zebra print heels Bershka - Black bag Tous
Right now I have a few of these that I
must get rid of. 
How about you ? 

What is the most difficult item for you to edit 
from your closet ?