In November I purchased...

While in Krakow I hit several flea markets, 
touristy traps, the usual H&M and local stores
where I picked up a few things.

One of them was this bronze ring made out of an old fork.
I'd wanted one of this rings for a while now.
The 12.00 USD price tag closed the deal.

A pair of vintage rhinestone earrings from a flea market.
The elderly gentleman selling them seemed eager to sell
and for about 2.00 USD, I was not going to say no.

Picked up faux pearl rings and big pearl bracelets from Parfois.
This little store has always the nicest accessories.

These were about 15.00 USD for both items.

At H&M I bought this sleeveless orange dress on sale for 15.22 USD.

I also picked up a striped dress from a local brand, RESERVE for 21.31 USD
 - and it's made in Poland !

Burgundy jeans made by Bandolino, fit surprisingly well for someone 
short like me !
No hemming required, price 10.68 USD.

An Italian lux leather bag made by Venezia from the street market in Krakow… 
new for 35.00 USD !

Finally a pair of brown wedges by Kenneth Cole Reaction for 28.00 USD.

November's number was 139.22 USD.

November editing

This month I gave several items one last try, 
most likely one last wear.

My green Tangerine brand jacket did not make the cut.

Another item was a rust colour cardigan made by American Ragcie.
The cardigan was purchased in April 2011 for 5.99 USD and was 
worn 6 times since then, mostly in 2011.
I doubted the shape and then noticed a big tear.
And for a dollar a wear, I think it got the job done.

My beige short sleeve jacket by Sawary was
also edited this time around, it was not working for me.

Another item was my Panabrisa button down shirt.
It was too small, the colour was not my favourite, I never wore it
and finally I did not even like it that much.

I also let go of  brown jeans made by Style & Co. 
I fell, tore the jeans and that was the end of them.
Have had them since 2010 and wore them about 20 times.
I'd kept them if it was not for the hole.

A pair of gold and beige earrings were also let go.
I wore them because I had them, not because
I really liked them.

My butterfly tote was also one to go.

7 items this month.

How's your closet editing coming along ?

Nicole's ring

I've always liked pearls.
Real or faux.

Image via In Style March 2014 issue
So when I saw Nicole Kidman wearing a simple double pearl ring,
I remembered a similar piece I purchased recently.

While mine is from Parfois, I think it works the magic.

The sales girl

Last month I was shopping for a dress.
Printed dress New York and Co. - Black shoes Moleca - Venezia bag
Unfortunately for me, all the dresses I liked were
available in a smaller size than I wear.

I tried one dress after another with the hopes that 
I would get the zipper up, but it just did not happen.

So when I had almost given up, the sales girl
says to me: "you should lose weight".
Talk about sales techniques !

Because I have it

In my constant closet cleanse, sometimes
I ask myself why I'd wear a certain garment.

Gap jeans - Shirt - Panabrisa shirt 
For this shirt in particular, the answer was
"Because I have it, it's hanging in the closet".

Carolina Herrera tan bag - Silk on Shoes flats

It's a bad reason, I don't really love this shirt.
A "good" reason would be because I like it, 
it fits well, I feel awesome in it...

No filters

I misplaced my camera last week.

Lizsport skirt - White t shirt Talbots - Brown flats Franco Sarto
So for a few days my pictures have been taken with an iPhone.

Bag Venezia - Belt H&M
Today when I saw these, I thought these looked
like a filter had been used.

Apparently the colours, the background and morning
light, made it look like it did… 

Parking meter

I've wanted to take my picture in this spot for ages.

Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Silver flats Zara  
It's the stone wall surrounding a 1940's mansion that's been demolished.

Venezia bag - White shorts Larry Levine 
Today it finally happened.

The weather and lighting were perfect.

I am usually very critical of my own pictures and like about 5% of them.
These on the parking meter spot are in that 5%

Gold stars

I was invited to a dinner party a few weeks ago.

White dress with gold stars Bisou Bisou
The day arrived and I was clueless on what to wear.

Nude heels Sam Edelman
Since the weather is showing the first signs of summer,
a white dress seemed to be a good choice.

Magazine clutch Sasha
While I admit that the dress is a bit tighter than I'd like...

Gold and pearl rings Parfois
I think it worked.

A dress+cardi

Sometimes you really don't have time 
for much.

Green cardigan 525 American - Wild Girl printed flats
On those days a pairing a dress and a cardigan make my life easier.

Venezia bag - Black dress JBS Ltd.

Today is one of those days ;)

The black pencil skirt

I "discovered" the pencil skirt later in life.

Red blouse MNG Mango - Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 -
Nude heels Sam Edelman - Venezia bag
However from the moment I realised they existed
and that they were a necessity, I've always had
one in my closet.

Do you own a pencil skirt ?

Long pearl earrings

I am not one to wear a lot of long earrings.

Black dress George - White button down shirt - Zebra print heels Bershka
However, doing some "earring drawer" cleaning I stumbled
upon this unworn pair.

Venezia bag 
I bought a necklace and the earrings came with it.
Now, I somehow feel obligated to wear them ..

.. or not.

Vintage tartan

Yet another unworn item from the closet,
my vintage tartan scarf.

Black trousers - Black sweater - Vintage tartan scarf - Melissa red pumps - Venezia bag
It was part of a box, a vintage package my great 
aunt sent me a couple of years ago.

Considering tartan never goes of of style,
I chose to finally wear it today.

Find Your Perfect Jump-suit

As I browsed the In Style March 2014 issue in my
nightstand not only did I remember I have a pile
of magazines I have not even looked at, but
that I am too still looking for the "perfect jump suit".

In Style March 2014
While I have at least half a dozen of jumpers, 
jump-suits, onesies or whatever you want to call
them, all of them are far from that perfect fit.

This is one of them. The one pictured in the magazine kind of
reminded me of it, so I chose to wear it today.

Green MNG Mango jumper - American Ragcie cardigan - BCBG Generation grey shoes - Bag Venezia 
Have you tried this trend ?
Have you found the perfect one ?


I feel in a sharing mood today.

Sharing something about myself.

Venezia bag - Innovativi wedges
Gap jeans - White vintage blouse Tajma

I hate sushi.

There you have it ;)