In November I purchased...

While in Krakow I hit several flea markets, 
touristy traps, the usual H&M and local stores
where I picked up a few things.

One of them was this bronze ring made out of an old fork.
I'd wanted one of this rings for a while now.
The 12.00 USD price tag closed the deal.

A pair of vintage rhinestone earrings from a flea market.
The elderly gentleman selling them seemed eager to sell
and for about 2.00 USD, I was not going to say no.

Picked up faux pearl rings and big pearl bracelets from Parfois.
This little store has always the nicest accessories.

These were about 15.00 USD for both items.

At H&M I bought this sleeveless orange dress on sale for 15.22 USD.

I also picked up a striped dress from a local brand, RESERVE for 21.31 USD
 - and it's made in Poland !

Burgundy jeans made by Bandolino, fit surprisingly well for someone 
short like me !
No hemming required, price 10.68 USD.

An Italian lux leather bag made by Venezia from the street market in Krakow… 
new for 35.00 USD !

Finally a pair of brown wedges by Kenneth Cole Reaction for 28.00 USD.

November's number was 139.22 USD.


Kim Alston said...

Really pretty dresses and pants Lorena. Love that cuff.

Shybiker said...

What a cool ring. And cute wedges.

LyddieGal said...

Jeans that don't need to be hemmed are all I want now - I look for ankle length!

Love your new dresses, the orange one will look gorgeous on you, the wedges were an amazing steal and of course, a little vintage rhinestone never did anyone any harm.